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  1. Nah you certainly know how sleeper volume works better than me, nothing to do with sneak or anything, I'm not that dumb try to wake something while sneaking. It's called xcostum_House_05(by_Zyncosa), there is a vulture spawn on a outer wall perch, but you won't even see it until you landed on the roof of the left side building, even if it spawns, you can fire your gun 100 times and not waking it, unless the bullets hit somewhere very close to him.
  2. Yeah yellow and red dots works pretty good, for vanilla places that is. They wont track sleepers unless they're awake. In vanilla prefabs, the trigger event of awaking is much more refined, very rarely they wake up when you must literally step on them, but happens a lot in prefabs from Compo Pack. This time I had a vulture just waiting on a perch on the outside wall of a house, wont move at all, out of sheer luck I somehow fell from the roof and happened to be very close to its position, then it finally decided to attack me.
  3. Not directly related to this but.. Is there a way to help tracking sleeper zombies? Many prefabs in the Compo Pack doesn't seems to be having "clear area" quests friendly in mind, with a lot of sleeper zombies, around many tiny corners, no way to awake them unless you're right next to them.. I just spend 30 minutes trying to finish a clear area quest, after I killed everything I could find. Then I found one last zombie sleeps on the balcony of a small corner. I can't even imagine how bad it could be for a tier 5 huge location.
  4. It seems to be a problem with 5K world. I generated several, with vanilla and Compo Pack, all the same issue. Then I tried 8K, things worked just fine. Don't know it's something wrong with me or what, maybe somebody else should give it a try.
  5. Hi I have this problem, the map I generated with KingGen only spawn ground blocks when player is close, like 100 meters close, beyond that it's just empty, only water. Far away trees and buildings however spawn correctly, it's like they're floating.
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