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  1. Ok so you are both right and wrong. Yes the quest will fail on insane difficulty if you are in a scenario where there was a rally point. If there is no rally point, there is no way to fail the quest at a given phase. In the example below I ate glass during the Time objective, respawned and the quest (and timer) was still going. Waited for the timer to lapse, ate glass, died and was still going after. Activated the rally point, died and then it failed. I would want the ability to specify at which phase you could fail a quest when you die or leave the game. Would give the flexibility to only have certain stages where you could fail, not based on the type of objective basked into the code but based on choice. In the case below I would like it to fail so long as the Timer is active. <quest id="challenge_FailQuest"> <property name="name_key" value="challenge_FailQuest_name"/> <property name="subtitle_key" value="challenge_FailQuest_subtitle"/> <property name="description_key" value="challenge_FailQuest_description"/> <property name="icon" value="ui_game_symbol_quest"/> <property name="repeatable" value="true"/> <property name="shareable" value="true"/> <property name="category_key" value="challenge"/> <property name="difficulty" value="insane"/> <property name="difficulty_tier" value="1"/> <property name="offer_key" value="challenge_FailQuest_offer"/> <property name="completiontype" value="AutoComplete"/> <objective type="Time" value="80" phase="1"/> <action type="SpawnEnemy" id="zombieBoe" value="1" phase="1"> <property name="delay" value="1"/> </action> <action type="SpawnEnemy" id="zombieJoe" value="1" phase="1"> <property name="delay" value="3"/> </action> <action type="SpawnEnemy" id="zombieFemaleFat" value="1" phase="1"> <property name="delay" value="5"/> </action> <action type="SpawnEnemy" id="zombieJanitor" value="1" phase="1"> <property name="delay" value="7"/> </action> <action type="SpawnEnemy" id="zombieMoe" value="1" phase="1"> <property name="delay" value="9"/> </action> <action type="SpawnEnemy" id="zombieLab" value="1" phase="1"> <property name="delay" value="11"/> </action> <action type="SpawnEnemy" id="zombieArlene" value="1" phase="1"> <property name="delay" value="16"/> </action> <objective type="RandomPOIGoto"> <property name="phase" value="2"/> <property name="biome_filter_type" value="ExcludeBiome" /> <property name="biome_filter" value="wasteland" /> <property name="nav_object" value="quest" /> </objective> <objective type="RallyPoint"> <property name="phase" value="3"/> <property name="nav_object" value="rally" /> </objective> <objective type="FetchFromContainer"> <property name="phase" value="4"/> <property name="quest_item_ID" value="91"/> <property name="item_count" value="1"/> <property name="default_container" value="cntFetchQuestSatchel"/> <property name="fetch_mode" value="Standard"/> <property name="nav_object" value="fetch_container" /> </objective> <objective type="ReturnToNPC"> <property name="phase" value="5"/> <property name="nav_object" value="return_to_trader" /> </objective> <objective type="InteractWithNPC"> <property name="phase" value="5"/> <property name="nav_object" value="return_to_trader" /> </objective> </quest> I even tried using the RandomGoTo rally point and that doesn't fail the quest either. Seems very specific to going to POIs and having a clear or fetch objective, nothing else. <objective type="RandomGoto" value="200-300" phase="1"> <property name="completion_distance" value="50"/> <property name="nav_object" value="quest" /> </objective> <objective type="RallyPoint"> <property name="start_mode" value="Create"/> <property name="phase" value="2"/> <property name="nav_object" value="rally" /> </objective>
  2. Would be nice if we could have a new action in the quest object whereby you could modify a custom variable.
  3. It would be nice to add the ability to receive a buff as an instant reward when doing a quest. An example could be completing a quest and getting healed from ailments automatically without having to go through receiving items and having to use them.
  4. Would be really nice to have the ability to give a player an item through the use of a buff. At the moment the only way to give a player an item is either when they first spawn through the player entityclass' properties or when they are going through a quest as a reward. There are conditions in buffs, such as upon dying, where this would make sense.
  5. Thanks, I haven't tried playing with difficulty settings, will give that a try.
  6. It would be nice to have all of the flexibility of the twitch spawning inside of the Quest object. Being able to set how near or far an entity spawns and being able to spawn in blocks.
  7. At the moment the only way to have a quest fail is if you use the StayWithin objective and somehow leave the area. There has to be more ways to fail quests, especially when you aren't interacting with a POI. It would be good to include another type to the <requirement/> object that would allow the ability to check if the player is still alive or active in the game. The game is dearly lacking in terms of content and this would help create a lot more content.
  8. It would also be nice to have a parameter that indicates whether or not this entity will attack the player or not. Right now in the quest object the only action available is SpawnEnemy and it has a default set to attack the player right away. Would be nice to be able to control this aspect for additional flexibility. The entityspawner in spawning.xml for controlling world spawning (not event based) has this property: <property name="AttackPlayerAtOnce" value="false" />
  9. Could be as simple as an enemy entity (zombies in the case of vanilla, demons as an example in the case of the Darkness Falls overhaul mod) having a buff that spawns other entities to support them. Right now the only thing that spawns other entities is the screamer and it's not even configurable as an event, it's baked into the code. I'm looking at this from the perspective of a mod creator who would like to extend the game to make additional content and make it more interesting.
  10. Right now the only ways to have new entities spawn is either through the Quest object (action SpawnEnemy or SpawnAnimal) or with the new twitch functionality (which isn't really available to modders). It's unfortunate because you are limited to new spawns either when doing a quest or subject to it when you are a twitch streamer. To open up the game's possibilities we should have the opportunity to spawn entities whenever we want, through a buff, because buffs are the most flexible objects in the game. The spawning should also have a property to indicate how far away from you the spawn will occur and maybe which direction. This would open up a world of options for new mods and make the game a lot more immersive.
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