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  1. I'm watching the Day 1 video of this mod from Games4Kickz and it looks pretty amazing. Getting used to weight limits and incredibly restricted crafting may take some getting used to (and I've been playing only 3 weeks....)
  2. Totally in agreement. The current point allocation system doesn't make much sense and seems really retrograde. I guess I'm used to Fallout/Skyrim-type systems where you also gain points by successfully using the skill. Plus, I just started playing a few weeks ago and I'm realizing I have to put far more points into the base attribute to gain higher-level skills? Wha? Is there/could there be a mod where your base attribute goes up automatically as you gain more points in the underlying talents?
  3. No, I can see them--now--but they're so small that I didn't even realize there was a difference. And now that I know, I still have to lean close to the monitor to see what's what when I see books at a trader. Yes, different colors would be great, especially for someone shopping in haste.
  4. Is there one? It's especially frustrating when I've run into the trader right before sundown and I have to frantically check my list of books to see if the ones they're selling are new to me or not. It's just plain annoying, though, when the only way to see if I've learned a schematic is to visit a crafting station.
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