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  1. Okay, I'm slow and not working well and everything I've found shows alpha 18 anywhere I've searched. Is there a way or guide to how to import a prefab into a world in alpha 19.4? Halp! Please. I have made several prefabs now, but I don't know how to actually pull them in now that the prefab k button has been removed.
  2. This is going to sound dumb, I'm late to the prefab game, I can now export a prefab, I made a very nice base, but for the life of me, can't figure out how to add to the world. Everyone says the prefab editor k button was removed. Any tips to pull a prefab back into the world? Or is it useless?
  3. --would love to see evil zombie rabbits. Like the rabbit of doom, make it have a carrot weapon and chase you around. With red eyes. *shifty eyes* Maybe I should make a mod for that.
  4. Would love to see more variation in zombies, even if it was like t-shirt coloration or clothing change. You know, for instance like the party girl zombie, make her have a red dress, black dress, green dress ect. maybe the one in the red dress is like super evil lol. Would love to see some better loot progression
  5. Doesn't let you, the post was several merged automatically by the forum, and you can't edit those..so..can't lol
  6. Err, I totally would..but..it doesn't let me edit them, or at least I don't know how on the forum yet. Halp! So..not sure how to remove that. *rubs nose*
  7. Actually...the google drive is an excellent way to share the entire log. Here you go. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OaN7aJW0TYbq3ad_IClTvlZZi-5WmU2C/view?usp=sharing
  8. Hi, I'm having the null exception the same as the person above - Tried a few fixes myself. 1. Tried unistalling and reinstalling the game with a complete clean wipe 2. Installed only the mods for 0-creature pack animals for A19, creaturepack mechs for A19, Creature pack humans for A19, Creature Pack Zombies from A19 with CharacterEffectsPack for A19. 3. Still have the issue. I also deleted all my old saves, just those mods, and still happening. 4. yes, this log has the other mods in it too, but it was throwing the errors either way. posting my log in pieces as it's too big for parsing easily - please fix this - i love this mod and the cool zombies. Creature Pack Mechs and Animals is working fine though^^ Posting it in replies after this post. <snip> OH, and I also tried a new game save. Just so you know. So it's not a corrupt save
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