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  1. Hello, I tried this mod and it works on our game but it's having this error: 021-05-17T23:59:47 6132.422 INF RequestToSpawnPlayer: 358, adrian, 5 2021-05-17T23:59:47 6132.430 INF Created player with id=358 Unknown error occurred while loading 'archive:/CAB-a7031c14e08e8e5673e8f5af4e668ae4/CAB-a7031c14e08e8e5673e8f5af4e668ae4'. (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Runtime/Serialize/SerializedFile.cpp Line: 204) The AssetBundle 'alt' can't be loaded because it was not built with the right version or build target. (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Modules/AssetBundle/Public/AssetBundleLoadFromAsyncOperation.cpp Line: 445) 2021-05-17T23:59:47 6132.444 ERR Loading AssetBundle "C:/SERVICES/ni5855835_2_SHARE/ftproot/7daystodie/7DaysToDieServer_Data/../Mods\3_Tactical Action Weapons/Resources/alt" failed! 2021-05-17T23:59:47 6132.445 ERR Transform 'Attachments' not found in weapon prefab for leather(Clone). NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ItemActionZoom.OnModificationsChanged (ItemActionData _data) [0x002df] in <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871>:0 at ItemAction.StartHolding (ItemActionData _data) [0x00000] in <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871>:0 at ItemClass.StartHolding (ItemInventoryData _data, UnityEngine.Transform _modelTransform) [0x00041] in <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871>:0 at Inventory.updateHoldingItem () [0x00112] in <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871>:0 at Inventory.SetItem (System.Int32 _idx, ItemValue _itemValue, System.Int32 _count) [0x0010b] in <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871>:0 at Inventory.SetSlots (ItemStack[] _slots, System.Boolean _allowSettingDummySlot) [0x00004] in <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871>:0 at PlayerDataFile.ToPlayer (EntityPlayer _player) [0x000b0] in <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871>:0 at GameManager.RequestToSpawnPlayer (ClientInfo _cInfo, System.Int32 _chunkViewDim, PlayerProfile _playerProfile) [0x002a3] in <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871>:0 at NetPackageRequestToSpawnPlayer.ProcessPackage (World _world, INetConnectionCallbacks _netConnectionCallback) [0x00007] in <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871>:0 at ConnectionManager.ProcessPackages (INetConnection _connection, NetPackageDirection _disallowedDirection, ClientInfo _clientInfo) [0x000c4] in <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871>:0 at ConnectionManager.Update () [0x00043] in <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871>:0 (Filename: <3e05fa90232744e9af23acbb44662871> Line: 0) I think this might be causing some of us having stuck at the Creating Player stage when logging in. I tried it in our server and every time I log out with a weapon from the mod, next time I log in, I'm stuck in Creating Player and the error message like above shows. It doesn't show in the game console but it's in the logs. I did, however remove some xml files as well as some lines so that it will only add the Weapons and not the other items like blocks. The only files I have right now are: \Config items.xml item_modifiers.xml loot.xml progression.xml recipes.xml sounds.xml traders.xml Localization.txt \Resources \UiAtlases We can use the weapons no problem, we can also get them as loots and craft them but I'm just wondering if this error is normal and our Creating Player issue is caused by something else because this is the only error like message that I see in our logs.
  2. I tried copying the wrestler effect buff from Snufkin's mod which reduces entity damage and increases melee damage but I can't get it to work. Can I see a sample code on how to implement it? Thanks!
  3. I am trying to make a zombie that can only be damaged by melee attacks. Is it possible?
  4. I tried removing their entity damage lines but they are still approaching and attacking me instead of blocks. I tried it with a horde base design like this: I guess the AI will always go for the player as long as there is a clear path to them? Is there no way for them to just attack blocks even if there's a player within their range?
  5. I am trying to make a zombie that focuses on destroying blocks on your base but I can't seem to do it. I tried removing the ApproachAndAttackTarget AI task because I thought this was the one that makes them target players but they just stopped moving then occasionally approaches me. Even with AITask-1 and 2 set to BreakBlock and DestroyArea, they just wander. Are there other AI Tasks other than the ones in the zombieTemplateMale class?
  6. Thanks for answering! I now understand a bit how sleepers work. I was also able to add custom sleeper groups and am able to select them on the prefab editor. I have a couple more questions though if it's okay? 1. If you change the Sleeper settings on an xml of a prefab, will the change be carried over to an existing playthrough? or do you need to start a new world for it to take effect? 2. If I only set 1 gamestage per horde, it will use that spawn group for all gamestages unless I define another gamestage higher than that is it right? So if I set one for <gamestage stage="01"> then another one for <gamestage stage="20">, for gamestage 1 -19 it will use stage 01 and for 20 onwards, it will use stage "20", is this correct? 3. What's the difference between entityspawner RoamingHordeSpawn in spawning.xml and the spawner WanderingHorde in gamestages.xml?
  7. Hello, new to the game and also new to modding. I am trying to mod one of our servers and I have a couple of questions: 1. How do you spawn specific zombies on specific POIs? Like I want to spawn only demolishers on let's say a cave POI. 2. How do you create a custom horde with a specific type of zombie and can you set their total number? I am using the creature pack and was wondering if you can make a horde of behemoths only or a mixture of animals and zombies? 3. Can you also spawn hordes only on a specific biome? 3. What are sleepers and how does sleeper volume work? If I set some zombie sleepers on a prefab, will it not work if I don't set a sleeper volume and also vice versa if I don't set sleepers but just set a sleeper volume? Hope someone answer these, thanks!
  8. That's unfortunate, thanks for the reply!
  9. Hi! I'm new to the game and new to modding as well and I really love your mod especially since it's server side and I was wondering how do you do these mods. I'm actually thinking of creating my own zombies like maybe an exploding zombie vulture with a demolisher's bomb attached to its body for example. Do you use a program to edit the zombie appearances or do you just edit the xmls manually? Hope you can answer this, thanks! Also, with regards to the mod, I noticed from the preview images that the Bomber has a barrel on its back but the ones I have installed doesn't. Was it removed? or is my version just outdated?
  10. Hello, I'm new to the game and very new to nitrogen as well. I've already created my custom height map and biomes and I can generate the maps no problem but I realized when trying to edit the worlds that a lot of the prefabs I use don't match the biomes they spawned in. I was wondering if there is a way to do that that I may have missed. I'm using v0.501.
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