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  1. That "alt" file is a resource file. I expect it's where the GTA:SA radio tracks are stored, among other things. It makes sense for the server to skip loading it, as it'll all likely be resources required client-side (that the server won't do anything with). Also, to answer my own question: it does indeed seem to work with 19.5b60 at this time.
  2. Is it compatible with 19.5b60 at this time?
  3. Actually, no. I mentioned that I have the server running on a Linux box. Which is why I won't do it. Not only does it block me from playing other games, it also forces me to run my personal PC 24/7, at GPU load no less. The fact that there's no way around this without owning a second copy and paying for power for a second PC is what I have a problem with to begin with. Boiling about 5k Murky Water. Something like 420~450 minutes. Turning objects into smelted scrap... about 90 minutes per batch, I usually do between 16 and 24 batches in one sitting (split between 4 forges). Yes, I could probably turn it way down, but I don't want to -- these amounts are fun for me. He is not. And even if he was, that would never fly. We're talking about a guy that switches off everything but his freezer when he goes to work. I couldn't convince him to use a better router than he does, because it'd eat an additional 25W of power. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey, bottom line is: this should've been a server config option. It's not, which is why I'm raising a fuss. It would be nice to have it implemented. If not, I'll just drop the game at some point, and my father will do the same soon after. That's pretty much it. I feel we've exhausted the topic, to be honest. I play the game in a certain way, and I'm not going to budge on that. I don't want a workaround, I want a solution. Short of providing that, there's little more to be added I think, and I don't want this to devolve into a shouting match. 🙂 Thank you to all who participated.
  4. ... I wish. The fact that he can't speak English limits his choices to pretty much 0. And the idea behind the server was that we could set it up however we wanted, like him having CM on it, or loading up our own maps (currently trying to explore a 16k one with tons of structures). Wish it were that easy. And, arguably, this should've been a config option from the get-go. But hey, if the devs don't do this, they don't actually lose anything. I mean, we already paid. I doubt they'll care about two players, in the end.
  5. If this could be achieved by a mod, I wouldn't even bother with starting a thread.
  6. 1) unit tests 2) unit tests 3) can be a CLI switch instead (and not required for the listenserver at all, since it doesn't keep running when nobody is playing) 4) this one would actually require proper testing, to see if it at least doesn't actually break the game somehow 5) can technically be ignored, if defined as "unsupported configuration" (been done before) Potentially doubling - yeah, okay. Actually doubling? Doubtful. This is a rolling alpha release; most stuff that isn't directly affected could be relegated to bug reports, assuming all that many people actually end up using the option. Consider: the game is expected to run just as if there's a player attached (so most issues are already tested for); if it doesn't in some way rely on client feedback to run, not all that many components should theoretically be affected (and if it does, this would be a sizeable changeset, which puts it outside of scope in a hurry).
  7. It's not "a change that breaks basically everything", it's "an option that allows you to break basically everything" -- just like with daytime settings, blood moon frequency, zombie damage etc. The distinction is that things only get broken if you switch it on -- which is already something you can do with mods (take any one mod that increases inventory or stack size, and all balance is already shot to hell). So I don't see how it's any more "game-breaking" than the other options already are. I'm honestly not expecting anyone to balance the game for me with that setting in mind. Just let me switch it on, and let me worry about how balanced the game will be afterwards. Why does it matter how I enjoy the game? Provide me the option and let me decide how I'll go about having my fun. And - I hope the change is as simple as you say. I don't expect it to be. But here's hoping! There are two notable areas where this mode of operation could cause issues -- zombie drops (from zombies killed when you're not there), and supply drops (which, as I understand, tend to drop near a player -- which may not work well if there's no player around). Both have to do with resource exhaustion as well (tracking too many things)... but please, let me worry about it. Besides, it's already heavily implied that you should restart the server once every 24 hours, so... could it be that much worse? At worst, if there are 0 players, these drops could simply not happen. WARNING: OPINION.
  8. ... *le sigh* The game doesn't really appeal to me, to be honest. My father wants to build stuff, and I do this for him. 🙂 For me... I'm going through the motions, wasting a bit of time away on gathering resources, processing them, and then stockpiling them. That's my fun in this game - building warehouses, essentially. Spawning resources in via the CM takes that (along with any remaining enjoyment) out of the game, for me. But I also don't have enough time to spend 10-12 hours in game sessions waiting for things to finish, nor do I wish to sit around twiddling my thumbs. Right now, the ratio of gathering-to-processing is about 1:20 for me, and that's still taking hours. I would much rather pop on for 30 minutes, gather some stuff, set it to process... and quit 'till tomorrow. Rinse, repeat. The problem, though, is that my father doesn't want to play alone, so if I'm not playing - he's not playing, either. And right now, this whole "wait a few hours for stuff to process" is killing my enjoyment of the game (as much as I can enjoy a game that doesn't appeal to me in the first place). I don't see why adding such a setting would require a rebalance, considering that it wouldn't be a default option. It's the sentiment expressed by Liesel: if people want to unbalance the hell out of their game, why not let them? There already is an option to set the world to perpetual day (or night, if you want), as well as having blood moons every other cycle... so why would this change require rebalancing that the others didn't? I'm not expecting miracles, really. Maybe someone in the dev team will see this and be convinced, and the change turns into 3 lines of code. That would be nice... but if not, it's not the end of the world (though it will, most likely, hasten the abandonment and death of our dedicated server). I don't honestly know about that... I'm a server guy, primarily. I understand CLI. Getting drivers and GPU and stuff working has never been something I do well, under Linux, and I've seen friends struggle with this over the years as well. I guess I've built up an aversion to even trying this, and the (admittedly cursory) Google search on "7 Days to Die" and "Linux" didn't give me encouraging results - one of them even mentioned devs suggesting people run it under Wine, and I know how much of a pain Wine is. So, yeah, if that ruffled your feathers somewhat, blame it on my ignorance. It's still not something I'd enjoy dealing with just for the sake of running a dummy game client. And yeah, we also run mods on the server (a crapton of additional buildables), so if that's potentially a source of issues - that makes me want to try it even less, somehow.
  9. > Yes, that would be a pretty easy mod to make. Already did. Can't mod everything however, so while some things take minutes, others take 8-10 hours at my stack sizes. > Get a second copy of the game, second steam account and on the machine that is running the world log in as a player with admin rights Apart from purchasing a second copy of the game, I would also need to purchase a GPU capable of running it (the server machine doesn't have a GPU). While it may not be a huge cost, it's still a cost. Also, my server runs on Linux. From what I can tell, getting the client to run on Linux is still a headache, and it could very well make the minimum requirements higher. And again: if this were a config/command-line switch, none of this is necessary. This is extra load (running a full-blown GPU game client), at extra cost (second copy + hardware to run it). I'm not sure why you're trying to convince me that the current situation (as outlined above) is fine - it really, really isn't.
  10. It's obviously not going to be a priority issue, I'm aware of that. 🙂If anything, I was mighty surprised this doesn't actually exist as an option.
  11. That's the thing - I have cheats enabled. That's not the point. I want things to continue running in the background. That's the end goal, here. It's not an XY problem, I'm not trying to solve A by having B. My goal of having things going is to have things going. I want to come back in and pick processed stuff up.
  12. To clarify, since someone mentioned these on Discord: - I do not wish this to be a default option. I only ask that it be an option, so that I (and others like me, if they're out there) could use it. Every other player/admin that do not wish this be thrust upon them need not worry: if this is added, it will not affect any server that doesn't explicitly turn this on. - While it is true that I can simply purchase a second copy of the game on sale, that's not all of the expense required to make this work. I would also need to put together a second PC to run it, a second STEAM account (not sure about the rules there, but IIRC one person = one account, so I could potentially be running afoul of the STEAM Subscriber Agreement this way), and not least of all: I'd have to pay for the electricity the PC would consume. As you can see, this is not an ideal solution. - While it's true that I could simply share the game in my library, this only removes the issue of having to have a second copy; I'd still need a second PC and a second STEAM account to run it from, I'd still need to pay for the power the PC consumed, and... it adds a different constraint: I wouldn't be able to play anything else while that's happening. All I'm asking is for a server-side configuration option (or even a command-line switch, like -tickonempty) to fix all this.
  13. Hello; first post. Name's Kad (also on the Discord server). May be a very short introduction, but I suppose better this than nothing, right? 😉 Anyway, moving on. The way I have my game set up, there's a lot of inventory and high stack sizes. My father likes going through the motions, and likes to build/craft stuff -- and, when chilling out, I like to do that as well. However, there's one particular issue I keep running into: whenever I have a crafting queue that's significant (8~10 real-time hours), I have to keep my gaming PC running with the game running on it, in order to see it complete sometime before next week... What I need, is for the server to keep ticking when all players leave the game. The way we have it set up, there are no blood moons/hordes, and the zombies do little to no damage to blocks, so it technically shouldn't affect us negatively (and, in all honesty, it could provide an extra layer of challenge if game hosts could choose to demand players be on-line at specific times). The way I see it -- the game already does most (if not all) of the things it would need to in order for this to work; it only takes one player for all queues to keep ticking on. So why not have the option to remove that requirement? I wouldn't mind a separate executable that could create a "dummy player" that would be logged in all the time, if it were possible -- that's a solution as well. However, while I possibly could reverse-engineer enough of the protocol to get it working, I doubt it'd pass STEAM peer verification. Suggestions?
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