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  1. I successfully replaced the model, but there was a problem when I placed it on the ground.
  2. How can I add my own actions to my model? Use the zombie controller to add your own bones, it seems it can't be displayed.
  3. What folder to put in this software? Which file in the game contains this animation controller?
  4. Where did you get AvatarZombie01Controller, can you tell me?
  5. Not only you have this idea, I had the idea of joining military equipment a long time ago. My goal is to make this a game like battlefield
  6. ok Maybe you can write some xml for my mod.
  7. L{Q}5R28M84RG]I3TWX]Q4I.png (2583×1524) Hey, can anyone tell me where this is the problem? I put a vehicle that can be used without any problems, the mod replaced the model in it, and just changed the model to mine and it became like this L{Q}5R28M84RG]I3TWX]Q4I.png (2583×1524)
  8. I am glad to see that you are discussing the railway, and I have the same idea, because I think the seven-day killing is very creative, and it is completely possible to add some large-scale vehicle operation systems. So far, has anyone helped you or have you found someone else to make it?
  9. @Squall94Are you still working on the new modern MOD? Maybe you can add some more special weapons. I happen to have some firearms here. If you need some modern special weapons or other firearms, I can provide them
  10. Wow, there are enough kinds of vehicles in your mod, and the use of these vehicles is really good. However, I find that your vehicle model has too many edges and corners. If you continue to make vehicles, I can provide you with models. I have some military vehicles, such as missile launching vehicles, many tanks. In fact, I have tried to change the model for the carrier myself, but when I put it on the ground, the scarlet letter will pop up, but when I hold it in my hand, I can preview how it will look on the ground.
  11. I have the same idea as you, just making a vehicle MOD, which is more difficult for me. I wonder if you can make it. We can do this idea together!
  12. Did you replace a model of the battery? Or can you already do that? I happen to have a model of the battery, and if you can add it, it will be the perfect mod.
  13. Can you use the soldier model I provided? He is totally different from the characters in other games. I created it myself.
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