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  1. Will there be alpha 20 this summer in June / July? And will there be feral sence in 20 alpha? And how will the weather work? Is it just an optimization or have you improved the weather effects?
  2. Thank you for your answer, but this is not the point, but the fact that the color scheme of the game is too bright, the plants are bright green, and the snow is like powdered sugar from old Disney cartoons. The color palette makes the game look sickly bright. But thank you for answer And somebody tell me, is it possible to somehow return the old sounds of the environment by replacing the files? And is it possible to somehow increase the number of trees, otherwise the forests are empty in new versions.
  3. I would like to contact the developers, because as a player since 2014, I have a cry from my heart. Could you update the color scheme of the game? And then the current sunset and yellow colours does not create an atmosphere of post-apocalypse, as for example it was in Alpha 14-16. I ask you to. And may you return old creepy ambient sounds like in old versions?
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