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  1. Sorry I made a grammatical error, I put the Voluya territoy in (7DaysToDie/Data/Worlds) but the console error is still persistent. Thank you, I will look into it.
  2. (Before hand: No I don't want to rent a server and inexperienced with this) Scenario: My friend suggested that I helped host the server that we're playing on because he's busy with work. The problem is, he's the host of the server and can't be online for the majority of the time. He sent me his game files so that I can download them and put them into my own files to host the game myself. I ran into a couple of issues which is, where do I put the files, which folders do the files go into, and lastly I get this error (No height data). -Firstly, his game files he sent me "Empty, Voluya terri
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