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  1. The pc is like 10 years old and the graphics card was the only thing that failed the test. I think it would be a better investment to build a new one Yea thanks a lot man I think I'm gonna get it from steam and see if its playable if not return it. My current pc it super old so I might have to make due.
  2. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 645. It's just a realy old pc and I wanted to see if I could make do and play it on there while I'm building a better one
  3. I have all the other specs but I dont have the 2 gigs of dedicated video ram, I'm willing to turn on low graphics I just want to know if it will even work.
  4. All the other specs match up I just dont have 2 gigs of dedicated video card. Will it be possible for me to play on low settings?
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