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  1. Don't forget to spec into Charismatic Nature and Physician to aid your allies with divine magic
  2. I hope they eventually overhaul or at least improve the way guns are handled beyond the models themselves. The animations are for the most part incredibly wonky (Sights going into your face when aiming or lack of aiming animation in general, sounds not being properly synced to animations, animations not being propely synced to actions) I could go on but I think you get the point... Can we at least have the new shotgun and lever action rifle reload one shot at a time? Please please, pretty please? Hopefully we can mod these things sometime in the future, I would not mind giving it a shot!
  3. Man that sucks, I hope it works out for you! That's very interesting, I had no idea. I'm so used to 100 fov being 100 that I never questioned it, but it does make a lot of sense.
  4. This game seems to be using vertical fov instead of horizontal, which isn't the norm. This means that 85 FOV in 7DTD would translate to around 117 FOV in most games, and I wouldn't precisely call that a low limit, not super high of course but not uncommon. I remember back in the days when BF3 would have a max horizontal fov of 90, which seems kind of crazy today. I am personally playing at 70 vertical FOV in 7DTD to avoid too much fisheye effect. Getting motionsick at 117 horizontal FOV sound kind of weird to me, but who am I to tell you what your own experience is. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Like you touched on in your first post, I think the main problem here is the ridiculously long effective range of machinegun perk weapons. Because most meaningful engagements in this game happens at very close range, is it then really necessary for an AK to retain it's base damage for up to 50(!) blocks away? In my experience that is practically sniping distance. I'd say start by nerfing machinegun effective range (but keep max range), so that they no longer encroach on sniper territory.
  6. The thing about that is that the newer guns have unique attachment models baked into the gun model itself that gets enabled/disabled, instead of attaching the same generic models like with the older guns. With this being the case, I can see a future where all guns have moved into the new system, all having their unique attachment models. So massive variety between guns, but not so much within. I could definitely see custom reticles being a thing though since that would require way less development time and could be reused for all scopes.
  7. I really hope not! There is no reason why those weapons can't co-exist, and It's not like there is an overabundance of weaponry in the game. As long as the quality is acceptable I'd say 'the more the merrier'!
  8. Color code the melee crosshair to indicate if you have enough stamina to attack or not. For example, a yellow crosshair could mean that you can only perform a normal attack, and a red one could mean that no attack is currently possible. I think this would improve melee combat flow somewhat, especially for early game.
  9. Do you have any plans on fixing the SMG and marskman rifle animations so that the bolt and magazines move with the hands during reload? Currently the models are static and seem like work in progress.
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