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  1. Okay, I did what you said and also reinstalled game drivers again, and it stopped crashing for now. Thanks guys.
  2. Hi I have a little problem with crashing, every time I start the world after minute or two my whole pc freezes and then game crashes (or sometimes whole pc blacks out), if i create new world it happenst too but after 15-20 minutes. I tried validating files, reinstalling DirectX 11, GPU drivers, and reinstalling whole game and nothing worked. Also it started after two updates of AMD Radeon Software, after first every time I alt-tabbed game froze and crashed, after second update game started crashing as described earlier. I would appreciate any form of help. Here is output log from "Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data" And here is output log from "AppData\Local\Temp\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die\Crashes" if it changes anything Sorry for grammar, English isn't my native language
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