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  1. Oh, so that's what they where trying to do. ... Still doesn't make a lot of sense too me, we had a five (or was it four?) high wall to try and climb. Ah well, didn't crop up as an issue on my third horde, they were happy to smash through our perimeter walls there no problem...
  2. Genuinely not sure if this is intended or not, but on my second blood moon (that i actually survived!) all of the zombies insisted on taking a lap around my base to systematically tear apart all of the wooden spikes i had placed next to my walls. Made the night a hell of a lot easier, but i can't help but feel like having the zombies willingly seek out and throw their bodies onto my spikes kinda made it feel a bit less tense you know? So uh. Guess i just want to know if this is the game working as intended or if they are planning on fixing this for the release. Or if i should file a bug report....
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