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    Old-ish fogey (44). Long-time gamer. Also have a YouTube channel and a Twitch channel as well. Played a LOT of 7DTD (2100+ hours according to Steam).
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    gaming, YouTube, tennis

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  1. Can definitely vouch for this. I have satellite internet and anything from Github or Gitlab fails quite often (to the tune of eight hours to try to get ONE mod downloaded). Azure is spotty for me too.
  2. So, I saw Let's Play footage of this mod and thought it was incredibly cool. Bringing back skill ups from actually using items? THANK YOU! Another flying enemy? CURSE YOU! *shakes fist at* So, I decided I'd give this mod a try. First mod ever for this game for me. Go to download it from the first page. After eight failed attempts, I finally get the .zip file. Go to unzip it...archive corrupted. Unzippable. Same for Github and the dev.azure.com link for the mod as well. Archive corrupted. Any advice on how to get this mod so I can ruin myself playing it?
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