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  1. These are custom settlements. So, if you are using CompoPack 42, there are several custom POI's that have been arranged to fit into their own category, destroyed towns, airport settlements etc... These will show up as orange on the preview map. You cant look in the prefablist.txt file to see how they have been categorised.
  2. Just go into any crafts store, and ask for glue - Your wish has been granted.
  3. Yeah. I just noticed this as well, with generating a new map, there are a TON of empty spaces. Your prefablist.txt file has all of the xvanilla_..... files listed, but in the prefab folder, you only have the xcustom_....... prefabs in there. I assume copying all of the xvanilla files from the CP40 zip file into prefabs folder will work in the meantime, or is it better to manually edit the prefablist file to remove all of the "xvanilla_" prefixes, so that it is using the actual vanilla prefabs instead. Just curious.
  4. Can someone let me know how the muffler/advanced muffler work. They state that they reduce 4%/8% Noise in the UI, but your overall noise modifer is not shown in the character sheet anywhere, so it's hard to tell. I assume, that the muffler just reduces noise on the item that its applied to, i.e. Military armour has 10% noise, so with an advanced muffler it is only 2%. But, it could also be that 5 pieces of armour give you 5*10%=50%, and the muffler reduces that to 42%. I only ask, because this would make a big difference when applying one to something like the military stealth boots.
  5. If you look on NitroGen's page, there is a link to download all prefablist's there, and that includes one for CP40. I use that one for now. Obviously, as Magoli has said, he will be working towards making a better prefablist to work with it in future, but for the time being, it exists, and works well from what I can see (I have created upwards of 10 maps, and used debugmode to fly around and check what it looks like - to get some configs I am happy with).
  6. Great. Loving the pack btw - although one of your modders is an evil swine!!! Started a dead-is-dead run, using this and NitroGen, and after getting the settings to something that I like, I set off. Started intro quests, get directions to my trader, and on the way, pass a POI (lost_j..... - I won't say more than that, in case it qualifies as a spoiler, but I think it should be enough for you to know which one I mean), and think, hmmmm, that's weird, and go inside. As I am sure you can guess, I am now about to start another dead-is-dead run. At least I discovered that on Day 1, rather
  7. Have found 2 potential issue POI's. The Sky Diner, and the big library with 4 pillars, both have hatch elevators designed into them. The library also has a stairwell, but the sky diner does not. As far as I am aware, TFP have made it so that hatch elevators no longer work in Alpha 18 (kinda sucks obviously), so I am not sure if these will need/want to be tweaked. Thought I'd mention it.
  8. The zombies will go for beat down walls mode, if they don't have an unobstructed path to you. So, if you don't cheese the AI, they will do exactly what you're asking for.
  9. I agree with you regarding real life difficulty in cooking, and it is surprising how many people can't boil an egg, or cook toast without it burning. A solution to having the perk system simulate this better, would be to have 3 variants of each cooked item:- Undercooked - Medium nutrition, high food poisoning chance Overcooked - Low nutrition, low food poisoning chance Cooked - High nutrition, no food poisoning chance Every person is able to cook every recipe at any level, but if they don't have the skill (perk) to cook that recipe correctly, they have a very high chance of undercoo
  10. Did you choose to dig underneath an area that had surface boulders. From what I understood, the ore nodes are supposed to be directly beneath these areas.
  11. Yeah. I've been running some tests (using the console obviously) to get a better idea of how it functions. Opened 50 working stiff crates for each variant of my skill setups to see how noticeable the perk points were. I tested:- Level 1, Gamestage 1 Level 10, Gamestage 10 - perks spent on Perception 5/Lucky Looter 3 Level 10, Gamestage 10 - perks spent on other perks Level 50, Gamestage 50 - perks spent on Perception 10/Lucky Looter 5 Level 50, Gamestage 50 - perks spent on other perks Level 100, Gamestage 100 - perks spent on Perception 10/Lucky Looter 5 Level 100, Gamstage 100 - pe
  12. Can someone explain to me a little better how the concept of 'Loot Bonus' works in regards to Lucky Looter perk and Lucky goggles. I never really got a chance on my last playthrough to progress properly through it to get a better feel for the system. All I know is, I had reached level 10 on day 3, had picked Lucky Looter 1 & 2, and was wearing Lucky goggles. I didn't really get a feeling that I was getting any more loot than previous playthroughs, and I was still only looting level 1 & 2 tools/guns/items whenever I did loot speciality crates. Before I start again on new build, I wo
  13. I also only play single player, and whilst there are some aspects of this game that appear to be weighted slightly towards the multiplayer genre as far as balance, I think you must have been super unlucky to be struggling as much as you stated here. With only one point in Boom! Headshot, and one point in Hidden Strike, stone arrows were comfortably able to keep me safe, at distance, as long as I opened with a crouch shot, especially when hunting at night. An iron reinforced club as backup to land a single finishing blow if anything made it past my onslaughts and I don't believe I had take
  14. And as a totally RANDOM point that is nothing to do with recent conversations, an idea I just thought of:- For vehicles, it would be a pretty cool idea if it required different levels of Intelligence to make the vehicle itself than to make the individual parts. As an example, making the bicycle required level 2 intelligence, making the tyres required 3 intelligence, making the frame/handlebars required 4. This way if you got lucky with looting you could make the vehicle sooner than you would if you had to actually build the entire thing from scratch. This would mirror real life, in the
  15. I realise that I am being utterly pedantic at this point, but the whole of Antarctica, is technically considered a desert.
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