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  1. I have 800+ hours in this game and right now, out of the blue the mouse movement in-game locks up. Sometimes up and down stops working, sometimes left and right and sometimes all axes. Mouse works, as I can just tap escape and restart the game, and it works again - for 5 minutes, or 10 minutes or 1 minute, it's all random. What's going on? Edit: Jumping spins me around and now I'm up side down... Edit2: Oh, no, now it magically went away. Ugh...
  2. Will this design funnel the horde down the slope or will they dig down above my location? I'm not looking for cheese, just want the pathing to work and for them to come at me (bro) at the end just because I fancy the idea of having an underground base. I've tried this before but they just don't want to go down the ramp. The design will obviously involve walls and roofing in either concrete or steel, but before I commit to this again, I want to confirm this will actually work.
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