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  1. Yeah we are all on a19.5 I'll test it while slowly adding mods back in to see if it's being effected by any of the other mods we run
  2. It happens with all 4 the m60 spams the error and it happened with two of us. Ill verify my files tonight and try
  3. Https://imgur.com/J7Z2M6F It happens right when we place the turrets
  4. When connecting turret to turret it gives this error we had them hooked up on a solar panel Material doesn't have a property _Maintex. This is the xml multiplayer version
  5. We are randomly getting kicked from the server with a Network Timeout. We have talked with our host and they suggest we post on the forums because everything on there end is working correctly. After the network times out I have to manually restart the server in server logs this is what we are seeing as the network times out. MinEventLogMessage: XP gained during the last level: 2021-06-04T03:52:22 6491.236 INF CVarLogValue: $xpFromLootThisLevel == 0 2021-06-04T03:52:22 6491.236 INF CVarLogValue: $xpFromHarvestingThisLevel == 0 2021-06-04T03:52:22 6491.236 INF CVarLogValue:
  6. We have currently upgraded our server perks and moved to a better hosting. **Server perks** •Dedicated server (40 Slot) •Starter box for new players •Teleporting system •Random Gen with 8k map •Custom & craftable Dye's •Player Selling Machines (start your own store) •Day/Night length set to 120 minutes •Books & Schematics are craft able •Public horde base •Weapons have effectiveness bonus (dependi
  7. Tipsy Squatch Gaming is now hosting 2 new 7 days to die PvE server and a PvP server with a few custom mods, large map set as random gen server is up 24/7 with daily restarts (4:30am central) on a dedicated ip. We have weekly updates and soon will be hosting monthly events. We are a beginner friendly server to help teach new players the ropes we are also a streamer friendly community. https://imgur.com/p0rjS9b **Server perks** •Dedicated server (32 Slot) •Starter box for new players •Random Gen with 10k map •Custom Dye's •Player Selling Machines (start your own
  8. I installed this mod it shows up in creative menu but doesn't show the image itself any trick to get that to work.
  9. <entity name="SharkWFLB" prob="0.2"/> If I set this to 0 that will make it where they dont spawn at all correct?
  10. Is there a way to turn them off on horde night also what would be to easiest way to add these bosses to the snow biome?
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