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  1. I have also got looting zombies on again and really enjoying it for some reason. I agree on the 'lively and dangerous' thing - areas don't feel alive. That's my main issue. I used to enjoy looking outside and seeing a building collapse or a zombie/bear fight or something. I did increase spawn rates which helped a bit but felt artificial because it just gave me more things to club.
  2. I'm really interested in this thread. I had also started compiling a list of things I would like to change and all this is really helpful. I loved A12 and have never really found it the same since.
  3. This is glorious - thank you! However, I am also having the 'no trader' issue on 8k biomes/hills, if that is not intentional. It would be cool to only have a handful (or random? Can that be done?) so that you have to make an epic journey to the rumoured trader in Birmingham or something :D
  4. Hi guys, slightly late to the party on this but I will be applying - is the cut-off date inclusive, ie do I have all of the 10th? Many thanks.
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