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  1. Thank you - sadly, the dynamic option is already off Unfortunately it was already set to off, and turning the ambient volume just turns down everything.
  2. Hi all, I posted this on Reddit and some suggested that I post here - here's the text of my original request, and if anyone can help (or can confirm this can't be done) I'd be really grateful. I'm hoping that someone with more knowledge might be able to help with removing some sound effects which are driving me mad. There was a previous thread where this was discussed which unfortunately I can't find - the 'scary' sound effects at night are just repetitive and annoying and I would like to replace them with silence so I can just hear the ambient environment sounds and zombies. But I can also now hear piano notes during the day. I don't know whether this is new, but there is one which sounds a bit like the start of a tannoy announcement, a discordant one, and a third I can't remember off the top of my head. To begin with I thought I was going mad, or there was some sound in a POI I didn't know about, but I think it might be the equivalent of the 'scary' night sounds just during the day. I don't mind some of the 'low rumbling' kind of sounds which are designed to put you on edge, but the really obvious sounds which have no relevance to anything get on my nerves for the wrong reasons. If anyone has any ideas, or there is a mod, I would be really grateful! (Also, if I am imagining those piano notes, someone should probably tell me :D)
  3. Hello! I know this is an old post now but hopefully I've found the right place to post feedback. I love this concept and it makes this way more unpredictable and scary. What I would like to ask is whether it could be made to work with the lootable zombies mod. If not that's OK, I just thought I would raise that they are not compatible (this one stops the lootable zombies). Both working would be my ideal game! Many thanks,
  4. I have also got looting zombies on again and really enjoying it for some reason. I agree on the 'lively and dangerous' thing - areas don't feel alive. That's my main issue. I used to enjoy looking outside and seeing a building collapse or a zombie/bear fight or something. I did increase spawn rates which helped a bit but felt artificial because it just gave me more things to club.
  5. I'm really interested in this thread. I had also started compiling a list of things I would like to change and all this is really helpful. I loved A12 and have never really found it the same since.
  6. This is glorious - thank you! However, I am also having the 'no trader' issue on 8k biomes/hills, if that is not intentional. It would be cool to only have a handful (or random? Can that be done?) so that you have to make an epic journey to the rumoured trader in Birmingham or something :D
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