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  1. got it I was wondering about that, i do have the same seed as sp and their are guards on the walls. thx for that, its day 16 and most of the traders walls are broken in, it get a little interesting when i go to trade with them.
  2. Just put this on my server and when i go to trader, there are no guards on walls? reloaded files went back to trader and still no guards. is this right or is something not loading?
  3. (There should be a green text box that opens with it when you open the box. You have to click apply before you close it.) Thx Jax
  4. Anyone know how to write on writeable Chests?? can't seem to find where i edit the text.
  5. HD (Heavy Duty) Items have a Better Quality so they are stronger and Last Longer, ECO is good quality but uses Less Resources to Operate. The engine is a Good example, HD has a higher durability and makes the bike go Faster but it also uses a lot of gas. Where the ECO engine is a little slower and has a lesser durability, but uses hardly any fuel.
  6. Anyone having the Disappearing buildings Issue???? I can see them from far then when you get right up to them, Instead of rendering in they Vanish.
  7. anyone know why i can't overwrite my Assembly-CSharp.dll file. everytime i try it says unknown version and my game goes into black screen mode and jambs up?
  8. Quote Originally Posted by Orsey View Post A16 BBM Mod Dropbox Download 404 ERROR as and a prew link to this version mod ((( Just grab it from github: https://github.com/dwallorde/Warofth...ive/master.zip nope, i've tried this one too and it tells me assembly-csharp.DLL is unknown version and my game crashes?
  9. Any idea where i can find out which file has to be altered or i have to add?
  10. O.k. First, I love the Mod. I just put it on my server and have been playing sp for a while now with no issues with extended Backpack. On Server though the backpack works fine unless you log out then back in, then you see the 72 slots, but can only use the basic 32? as you play after a while the game excepts the 72 and you can use all of the slots until you log out again. also if you have items in slots 33-72, you loose them when you log out. any suggestions as to what i did wrong? I guess i should say that the way i use the expanded backpack is to alter the windows.xml file as suggested in the file.
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