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  1. Random worlds have all the POI's as far as I know. I think there's a few that's not in Navezgane. I played Nav when I first started playing but like you I grew tired of it. Been playing RandomGen ever since. Nav is just too easy to look up where everything is located. (And I did look at the map). RandomGen you never know where anything is. A lot more cities than Nav so you need to explore more on RandomGen. Also the maps are larger than Nav unless you generate a 4k map, I usually play an 8k map and I think with Alpha20 we're gonna be able generate an even larger stable map. 🥳 W
  2. I've got over 10500 hrs in this game and I always play with 240 minute days. Used to be able to set that in a SP game but it disappeared somewhere around A12-A13. I tried playing with 120 minute days but I can't really get into it. When they took that setting away I started renting a server and have rented one ever since. I'd love for that setting to come back. I don't really care if it's balanced or not because I usually change the settings on my server anyway.
  3. People wanting aim assist are probably using a controller and coming from xbox or a playstation.
  4. Great! I like playing with a 4 hour 24hr period and just can't get that playing SP which is why I've had a server for the last 4yrs. I was wondering how fast they answer support tickets. Company I'm using now are usually really fast and I like them but I can't really pay what they want so I have to reduce the cost. Logicservers is gonna be less than half of what I'm paying now.
  5. Does anyone have any experience using https://logicservers.com/? I'm thinking about switching to these guys for my server about 3 weeks from now. I've paid for a server for about 4yrs but the cost is really too high so by switching it would cut my costs over half. I like the guys I use now and support tickets are usually answered really fast-it's just the cost.
  6. Hopefully we'll be able to do 12k!
  7. Hopefully the next patch gets rid of the arrows scattered around the dead zeds and I'm sure it will. Also had the problem yesterday where your view just starts tilting all the way over to the side. That's only happened to me once so far. I exited out of the game and restarted my save and it never happened again. I used to get the crashing when I entered into the game, but I noticed that it was always after I had played a little while and exited out of the game but left the client up at the starting menu. Now after I've played a while and stop to take a break I exit completely out o
  8. I usually don't even mess with quests until after the first horde. I usually wait until after I get a minibike or motorcycle due to it taking too long on foot.
  9. Was playing yesterday and while using the wrench I got the usual wrench sound along with it hitting an object (Both sounds)
  10. Yeah I know but it kept getting better and better as time went on. My framerate was almost triple what I get from DirectX11 but it would always lockup after 3-20 minutes. A19 though I can't even get into the game with Vulkan, why I always use DirectX with the game. I was just checking it to see if anymore progress had been made with A19. I love the game anyway-right at 10k hours in it.
  11. Has anyone had any luck using the Vulkan drivers? My game will load using them up until the point where you see the tips that you can left/right click through but it never loads into my game. Then I have to hit my reset button on my pc to get out of that screen. I can't alt-tab or control/alt/delete to get out of it. I try those drivers from time to time to see how they're doing. Using A18 it did the best I think, I'd usually get 60fps using DX11 but I switched to the Vulkan drivers and I was running at 160-170fps (A18) but it would lock up from 3-20 minutes and I'd have alt-
  12. Not sure I like it much, that why I only have 9928 hrs in it- 9,928 hrs on record last played on Jul 15 This is THE BEST GAME ever made! I should be going over 10K hours in just a few more days.
  13. It took me 45 minutes to generate an 8k map on a rented server. I thought something was wrong with the server because with A17 it would only take 5-10 to generate an 8k map. Even sent in a support ticket about it and was told server was still generating.
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