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  1. I got it from NEXUS MODS, i believe i used the (F)ree (D)ownload (M)anager, FDM. It stopped downloading once, as i recall, but when i went to restart it, it noticed the file was already there and did infact resume. Resume failed on every other link i tried, using a couple of different download managers, why i wound up on NEXUS... last resort. i spent days trying to get this thing. FDM + NEXUSMODS was the only one that worked for me. hope it helps.
  2. For reference i'm playing 1 tick above default difficulty while i learn. Took nearly a full load of AP 7.62 ammo from my level 71 fully modded M60 to drop 1 incubus. atleast 80 to 85 rounds. i had an armor shredder on it and blessed metal, as well as rad remover and crippler though those last two probably don't do anything but fill mod slots to up base damage. and i'm full ranks on automatic weapons. maybe hollow points would have worked better, but i'm guessing his skin counts as armor...? I would have prefered to use my coil rifle which i guess does an extra 10 percent damage vx demons
  3. Thank you very much sir, Only had charismatic nature 3, and never intended to go higher. raised to 5 and found the fusion forge at one wasteland trader and the workbench at the other. I somehow missed that requirement, my mistake. Many, many thanks.
  4. Appreciate the tip, thank you, but if i can't kill him even in god mode... him hurting me isn't the problem... well its A problem but not THE problem Really appreciate the response, thank you. but either i was unclear or i am confused. The Laser workbench and fusion forge are only located on the bottom level of the lab, correct, near the portal, next room over if i'm not mistaken? no where else? i didn't miss one on an upper level? so while yes i brought everything i needed to craft things, have tons of cells and multitools, raw titanium, etc. I can't realisticly get to those workben
  5. Can I not edit my post... Two "brilliant" ideas came to me while trying to sleep, so I made a copy of my save, went creative mode and gave them a test. The first, lure the demon behind a key card access door and close him off while i make my stuff at the forge and workbench, this worked on him, unfortunately the demons at the portal opened their door and came flooding out, and i couldn't kill them any better than i could him, i tried to shut the door to lock them in , it said locked and wouldn't shut, so i unlocked it and shut it, and they opened it again... are they supposed
  6. Again, Enjoying the mod, but ran into a really frustrating situation. Finally got future tech, took forever to get those red research notes, now i Need the laser workbench and fusion forge, both of which require the fusion forge and laser workbench to create... Great. Supposedly you can buy them from the radiation zone trader, found one trader, tried 4 times, nothing. Found the underground bunker, thought i'd try that. level 71 m60 with armor shredder and blessed metal unsing AP rounds, level 71 coil rifle with blessed metal(and other, assorted mods). Greeted at the red
  7. My apologies, didn't mean to sound like i was complaining, Sure i don't want the trader to die, otherwise i could care less about the guards and never stay overnight, really i was just worried its a symptom of a much bigger problem on my end that gonna prevent me from enjoying the mod. Thanks for reply.
  8. Love the mod, my thanks for all the hard work. I am having an issue i hope i can get some help or direction on, and that i'm not just completely incompetent with the search function. Some trader guards aren't shooting. Its really bad with the trader bobs... (traders bob... whatever.), only one or two of his guards ever fire, but on close inspection it seems all the traders have atleast one guard who doesn't, Jen and Hugh are the best though. If i punch them, they unload into me, but i can lead a zombie directly into their line of fire and nothing. I have seen the dup
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