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  1. shady_mel

    True Survival

    Hey Kam, I think you just need to poke zombies during a blood moon horde.
  2. shady_mel

    True Survival

    Also, make sure you pre-sync the mod each time you play. That really helped solve issues as well.
  3. shady_mel

    True Survival

    I would 100% recommend this mod if you want a real challenge. I missed the part that tells you to run this with a random gen world. I had to literally go back through hours of you tube videos of others playing this mod until someone mentioned the same issue I was having. I believe that was why I wasn't getting the custom POIs for the storyline. I started over on random gen, and I'm currently running it with 19.2, and had zero issues. Give it a try!! I uninstalled, then reinstalled with 19.2. I'm not sure what versions this mod supports, but 19.2 is working for me. I also access through the mod launcher. I'm on a random gen world with no issues.
  4. shady_mel

    True Survival

    Xorian, so far I have the other POIs. I was able to obtain the satellite parts, and have found what I believe the be the next POI that has some type of tissue testing center. I've now found my fourth Favales Academy, and still no camp or extractor.
  5. shady_mel

    True Survival

    First of all... thank you for this fantastic MOD. I absolutely LOVE it!!! Secondly.... I'm stuck and need some help. I need to obtain the tissue extractor from the old camp at the Favales Academy. I've been to 3 different Favales Academies in different towns and they are all the same standard POI with no extractors or camp set-ups. What am I missing?
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