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  1. Hi ! Where can i find car engine because i looked everywhere, used the wrench on every cars that i passed but didn't found one. I've looked on the research station but no blueprint too for craft it, it is a bug or something ? Plz help me ! =(
  2. I can't fill my jars and bottles in the rivers. I right clicked on the river with my jars in hand and nothing happened. Same for bottles, only way to fills it ares the sinks and others.
  3. Hi ! I like so much this mod, that's really the best mod ever for 7D2D. Just a little question, is it normal i can't craft a storage before getting the tier 2 of the Carpenter's table ? I don't understand where can i store my items at the beginning ! Plz help ! And the cardboard box is not found. i can't craft it anywhere.
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