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  1. In my case, the "backdoor" are just about 50 blocks of earth, stone and ore. So it isn't really a backdoor. And, besides this, I really don't like these digging zombies. I have been in my base looking into the moat. The base of the moat is ramp and I was 6 blocks above the ground of the moat, looking down. (the ground of the moat is made of 1 concrete block, 5 ramp-tiles and another block of concrete, so that the zeds fall a little bit longer and have to walk up to me. )
  2. The mine shaft and the base core were all on bedrock level. I dug down to bedrock, built my base like a tower from bedrock to about 20 Blocks above ground and just removed the dirt around it. (Base is about 40 blocks deep at bedrock, moat about 30 blocks, so that I can still dig mineshafts from my base without leaving it) So my base looks like a giant tower into a big hole. That means, they dug all the way down to bedrock to get around my walls and into my base. In the beginning I had a ladder going down the moat and every zombie walked around the moat to climb down the ladder. That's not the way zombies should behave. I don't like the devs to kill the game just to make players life harder.
  3. So I started playing again after some time. First I had much fun with all the new content. But then, on bloodmoon, the zombies came and attacked my base. I have a moat around it, 6 blocks wide and 40 blocks deep. My base is in the middle of it and below it. The moat (inner and outer walls) is made of pure concrete. So the zombies came, saw the moat, turned around and dug all the way down, below my walls, under my moat, under my base, entered through my mine from below and attacked me from behind. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY STUPID!!! Why do they do this. It makes the whole basebuilding-thing absolutely unnecessary. Why don't you just make all bases vanish at bloodmoon or just remove all this building nonsense if you don't want players to hide behind concrete walls. For me, you killed the whole game. Why have you done this? A game should be funny. In my opinion, you try all you can to kill people in game and try to make your game win all the time at any cost. Please let the zombies just what they should be. Bloodthirsty, stupid monsters that walk straight towards their prey trying to eat it.
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