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  1. Hello Moderatos.. By the way sorry about my double posts. I already check the server, i think this is not SI Bug.. from your explaination, i tried to check our servertoolconfig and look at "Falling_Blocks_Remover". Before this issue happend it was False, when i change it into True and happend this SI issue. I dont know this config related with planting seed or not. But i just tried to make it False again after read your replied and now we can plant seed again. is it Falling Block Remover relate with all planted stuff? i mean like tree and seed.. Thank you for your support.
  2. Hello.. Can someone tell me how to fix this issue, we have dedicated server and yesterday some player reporting issued about plant seed. Everytime they put the seed on plot always dissappear even re-put the plot still doesnt work. I read on other forum, it called SI Bug. But theres no explaination how its happen or way to fixing it. Any ideas to fix or explain how it can happen to us? Thankee..
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