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  1. I just tried it on a Vanilla save, it was working fine for me. The targeting cones were changed to a different off yellow color in A19.5. Is everybody on the same version of the game? that might be what caused the issue since the texture was changed, or maybe something didn't update correctly. If it's still an issue I'll ask around some for more help on what it could be
  2. Looks like a Unity issue, I noticed the sight cone was white instead of yellow. Try what I said above, it might be an issue with your game files. I'll check to see if it does the same on my vanilla save tomorrow. It doesn't look like any XML error, is that the sniper turret?
  3. I've never seen property_Maintex before, a google search said it was a Unity issue. I'm not sure what would cause it, I'm sorry. It's a hassle, but you could move your mod folder to your desktop and revalidate the game files through Steam, that might fix it but I have no experience with it. Only other thing I can add is that the original post had a blunder; The link for the XML version was the wrong one and I couldn't edit it. This is the right link: XML Only
  4. I don't really want to, even if I did I don't have the time. I could link you some guides if you want to learn it
  5. Sadly it doesn't! I did some fiddling with the idea of a rocket or mortar turret, to make a long story short: it doesn't work
  6. That's actually the wrong link! Sorry about that. The download link is here, I can't edit the main post. (Download XML only here)
  7. Hi! I'm sorry about that, if that was the XML only version I had accidentally used the download link to the base folder. This is the XML only version, I'm sorry for the trouble this may have caused.
  8. No, it uses the vanilla turret models. I can't change anything besides the XML in the moment because I don't understand the turrets in Unity, and I don't know if I'm even allowed to use the model you have.
  9. Almond's Turrets Expanded (A19) 3 Versions available Hi all! This took much longer to get out than it should have, but I finally have an expanded turrets modlet ready to share. Please report any issues you have, and I'll answer what I can to the best of my ability. Any criticism is also greatly appreciated. Overview: With traders as well as industry, it's been easy to accumulate more ammo than I could do with. This modlet's aim was to provide specialized variations of the base auto turret from other firearms in the game, intending to eat excess ammo and add variation. All versions add in 4 variants of the auto turrets in the game, as well as a specialized Turret Workbench to prevent the turrets from cluttering crafting lists. These turrets have slightly more expensive crafting recipes, as well as differing stats and power consumption. Added: Schematics/Icons: Schematics added to the same loot list as the standard turrets. Steel Turrets are learned from the regular schematic. Icons that show what ammo the turret uses (Unless in XML Only Version) Advanced Engineering (4) Sniper Auto Turret: Using 7.62 rounds, the Sniper Auto Turret intended to add high single shot damage. It moves, fires, and reloads slower, but has the highest damage of any of the turrets with the largest range of motion. Turret Workbench: A specialized Workstation to build your turrets, it builds turrets and nothing else. Advanced Engineering (5) Heavy Shotgun Turret: Standard Shotgun shells, shorter range than the traditional version, but fires at a much faster rate to clear dense hordes. Heavy Auto Turret: 44 Magnum round, slightly slower than the SMG Auto Turret. Higher damage with a slightly higher range of motion and slower fire rate. M60 Auto Turret: Taking 7.62, the M60 Auto Turret has a shorter effective range than the SMG Auto Turret, but has a greatly increased rate of fire. With higher damage and a much wider bullet bloom, the M60 Auto Turret is better for defending corridors and densely packed hordes. Steel Version: Turrets compatible with KhaineGB's Steel Ammo modlet found here. Steel Auto Turrets, versions of the new turrets (and standard) but with minor performance downgrades and steel ammo compatibility. Steel Auto Turret tab in the Turret Workbench Reversibility: Have too many brass cased auto turrets? Swap them to steel mode in the workbench at no cost! If you want to reverse the decision, simply put it in the workbench with a few replacement parts and it's ready to go. Version Downloads: XML Only: Adds all standard additions besides steel turrets by pure XML and color codes the turret version icons. These *should* be server compatible, but I cannot test that. Download the XML Only version here. Base Version: All additions besides steel turrets. Download the Base version here. Steel Ammo version: Adds all additions as well as the steel turrets. Download the Steel Ammo version here. Notes: --You may find the damage done to be excessive, turrets too slow, etc. If enough people believe it needs to be change, I will adjust the stats. Otherwise, I'll be making a file that explains how the turrets work for those who want to change things themselves. --Having multiple auto turrets in close proximity may be the cause to multiple models visually disappearing, this happened without the mod and I'm not sure how to fix it.
  10. Hi all, I'm new to modding and I've been working on trying to make a mod that expands the turret system to involve new types. I don't want to do anything that may break the EULA when I'm working on the mod, however. The licensing agreement in the EULA says I will agree not to: "Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, prepare derivative works based on or otherwise modify the Software, in whole or in part;" I would breach the EULA if I were to use a program like Asset Studio to get the models and textures for the Auto Turrets and other firearms, right? Using the models to try to create a new turret model would also breach the EULA to my understanding. Would any XML I do count as modification of the software? (I wouldn't assume so since its the backbone of a lot of mods I've seen) Am I right in what I understand? Do the models and icons count as part of the software? I really don't want to do something I'm not supposed to. I'm not too experienced in modeling, but would it be better to try to make my own or should I just keep the regular models? Thank you for any help and I'm sorry if the question seems stupid.
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