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  1. 2 hours ago, faatal said:

    These are the planned vehicle mods:


    Fuel Saver - Works

    Off Road Headlights - Works

    Super Charger -  Works

    Expanded Seat - TODO

    Reserve Fuel Tank - Working on today


    None of them are fully done, since they still need icons, schematics and put in loot lists.


    Drone should be in a20.

    That sounds really good and I really love Expanded seat. I am curious if it will work for every vehicle or just some of them? Fuel Saver and Super Charger ( I assume is for the max speed) is something I will use on every vehicle.


    Do you considered mod that would increase amount of storage space provided?  My friend have rough times when looting even with 4x4 truck. 
    By words "These are the planned vehicle mods:" I assume that there are no other mods to be added to the game at least in A20?

    I really like to see that you mentioned Drone hear. I have high hopes that it will made to A20 even in later versions. I am big fun of this idea and I am curious how good it will be. Good to hear that.

    2 hours ago, MechanicalLens said:


    How about a spikes mod for increased damage against entities? :)


    So how will the mod design work exactly? Will there be a progression system where the minibike can hold more mod(s) than a bike, a motorcycle more than the minibike, and so on?

    Yeah, spikes could be cool to use especially on larger groups of enemies. I wonder too as how will mod system work and how many slots will each vehicle have?

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