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  1. I can clarify more. I'm playing on my mac (PlayerName='justkp'), and the host is on a PC (PlayerName ='chefboyardie'). I've deleted my entire game, savegame folder, and world. And tried to reconnect to my friend hosting the game with no luck. So yes, the issue must be solved on my friend's PC side as he is hosting the game. Here are his log files: earliest log --> https://pastebin.com/eTAGUs3f attempting to teleport myself into game --> https://pastebin.com/PTMtAwxb Thanks for the help so far!
  2. In a multiplayer private game hosted on a PC. I'm playing on a mac. We reached day 51 and my came crashed. After restarting, I can't join the game anymore and am stuck in the loading screen after the world is created and the player is created with the error: nullreferenceexception object reference not set to an instance of an object joining host What to do? I'm guessing my player exited the server but the server didn't save my exit position so now it can't spawn me into the world? Oh we are playing the latest Alpha 19.3. Any help would be great!
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