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  1. I've recently started a server and have been messing around with the spawning and gamestage xml files. I've only changed values within the given range to increase gamestage progression and increase the spawning of zombies in biomes and in general. The issue that I've come across that might not actually exist is my limited understanding of how the config and xml files communicate from server to player. Am I correct in thinking that the xml files I've edited will be pulled from the server during the connection process and influence the players game? Or will th
  2. No mods installed on the server, and my friend has a fresh install on his rig so no issues around that. The only thing's I've changed in the xml files are the spawn rates and the gamestage progression. Only changed the number values in them which has been successful as far as I can tell. The only thing I've been able to whittle it down to is that my friend doesn't have a great internet connection and with them being initiated by the server this is what I am putting it down to. Or at least think this what is likely to cause the issue Would the change in the xml file o
  3. Hey everyone I've had a quick look around on the forums to see if anyone has had a similar issue on a19, but I couldn't find anything. I've recently started a server with friends that has been running without issue. My friends messaged me today saying that they couldn't hear zombies growl as they were approaching which caught them out. I haven't had this issue as they are noisy as hell for me. Just wondering if this is a glitch that can be fixed or if they are being soft haha. Any help would be great thanks
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