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  1. I was playing on my singleplayer world, my computer BSOD'd and my save file was deleted. Is there anything I can do to get back my world? I don't want to lose 50 hours of game time. My save file is showing up in the steam directory folder but not in-game. Logs of save before bsod: https://pastebin.com/Jj62E8r5 Logs of me trying to load afterwards my save was deleted: https://pastebin.com/avrfUqNg https://pastebin.com/1xQ7w3WL https://pastebin.com/1W9Qiumj
  2. I've noticed that it happens considerably more when running discord
  3. Hello, I am having problems with my game crashing every 5 minutes... it is the unmodded vanilla game. I do not have issues with any other games, on 7dtd. I'm not sure what sort of info to post here, but my game just randomly closes itself out every 5-10 minutes. My processor is ryzen 5 3600 and my gpu is a gtx 1080ti. I've checked integrity of game files, ran in 32 bit version, and used the "-force-feature-level–10–0" command on steam. Logs: I am also getting periodic bluescreens while playing the game https://imgur.com/a/FGQaZHv https
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