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  1. The company still hasn’t updated the game since 2017 so they owe us console players a lot so be nice to get some content so we have the right to be @%$#ed off kinda hard to trust this company when they literally did nothing for this game I have no confidence in this company when is come to the console version of this game for real
  2. It’s not Sony it’s fun pimps all games work fine but this game stop making excuses for fun pimp giving them credit they don’t deserve Stop kissing the company ass
  3. They still haven’t updated this pile since 2017 still company is a joke So when does fun pimps plan on updating the console version of 7 days to die because console is still at alpha 15 and yet we hear nothing about any future for this game on console jokers really
  4. Fun pimps fix your game . Us console players are unable to connect to online at all we paid for this garbage so fix it or give us are money back ! the game is a joke we haven’t seen a update since 2017 and it’s now 2021 no update and now no online as of today . Fun pimps you scammed us console players sold as a full game yet it’s not even half the game jokers
  5. You Fun Pimps made millions $$$$$$$$ of dollars off us console player and yet you do nothing with the game your company fails as a company you lie and all the broken promises you will never update the console version of 7 days to die because you don’t care about your fan base. You will loose all your fan base on console because you ignore the fact that console players exists . I have your game on PC love it very great 👍 . On console it is terrible game . fun pimps you show no hope for us console players there is no excuses for you to be ignoring the game on console just because telltale went
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