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  1. Hey @Subquake I love your mod! It is amazing to say the least. one of my favorite parts has to be the helicopters. Is this a mod pack you are using or a built in? I'm asking cuz id love to add this vehicle pack to all of my different 7d2d mods I play. Thanks for all your hard work!
  2. I found it!!! Thank you @sphereii it was under Program Files as you said in SphereII Software. The troubleshooting guide says to add the one off the desktop. It may be useful to update it to say use the program files pathway. Thanks a ton! Love your work and dedication to make this community awesome!
  3. I added the shortcut direct from the Desktop. So add game, add non steam game, browse, desktop, 7d2dModLauncher and then it says a whole ton of stuff after that. The full filepath is C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Installer\ then a bunch of numbers and letters.
  4. Hi @sphereii, I've been using your mod launcher for a long time and absolutely love it! I recently tried running it through Steam so I could use the in game overlay and when I try to start it it says Steam - Failed to launch shortcut. Tried to troubleshoot a few things. Running both as Admin etc. however I still can't get it to work. When I add it in I browse to the Desktop and select the 7d2dModLauncher but it seems to not see it or something. Please help. Thanks for all you do. I will continue using it not through Steam but a few of my friends wanted to see my gameplay from a Mod
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