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  1. I am currently enjoying Alpha 18 but I do agree with several of the points you made, especially in regards to roaming zombies. I remember when I used to find a town and there would be hordes of zombies wandering the streets and I'd go clear out a bunch so I could loot some houses and then they'd smell me and wander in to find me. Another awesome thing was when it was the middle of the night and you're hiding in the attic of some house or the loft of a barn early on and all of a sudden a horde comes through that may or may not know if you're there. Now it seems to me that 80% of zombies are sleepers inside the pois that are all suddenly dungeons and besides the occasional zombies out and about plus the very rare (and small) hordes that come through it takes some of the fun out of exploring. I believe that if pois went back to being just normal houses for the most part and you took the sleepers from them and made them into wandering zombies out in the world it would help the overall atmosphere of the game alot in my opinion.
  2. I've always been a big fan of building my own base in this game, even right from the start, so I tried to do that in Alpha 18.1 B4 and I have to say it actually went pretty according to plan overall. I played on nomad with default settings except for 90 minute days and by horde night I was level 14 with a gamestage of 31 as I spent half of the first week looting and killing/exploring and the rest farming and building. All in all I lost a decent amount of wooden spikes, used a fair bit of pistol ammo, and lost one random block but was otherwise relatively untouched so I'll definitely survive with this base for a couple more horde nights. Now I'm curious to see what other people have built, how their designs have worked out for them so far, and your opinions on base building in general as far as Alpha 18 is concerned.
  3. In previous alphas I always played on warrior and typically went sledge with the occasional playthrough using the machete as far as melee and had no problems taking out most any zombies and clearing pois with those. In this alpha I've so far found that while the sledge is still king as far as damage and knives are still perfect for stamina efficient killing, there have been several changes which make the early game especially difficult. I quickly found that zombies preemptively swing at you which is easily avoided but the range of melee for the player is now much shorter, and for the early game where stamina is a very exhaustible commodity that means that you either take a hit or two and use knives or use sledge and run out of stamina in only a handful of swings. The spear is decent but when you've got multiple enemies it doesn't compare as far as base damage goes considering the only way to do decent damage is get rid of your weapon which obviously is suicide when facing groups. Overall I enjoy that early game is harder yet I also believe that the range of player melee should be made somewhat longer and stamina should be somewhat less easily exhausted otherwise it makes getting hit and possibly even dying quite inevitable especially for newer players.
  4. Seed Name: Navezgane Literally just a big X with the main roads, every single town and poi is either on that X or on one of the small roads branching off of the X. 8k map btw.
  5. Currently with mining if you use the normal attack you actually get slightly more resources and your stamina doesn't drain nearly as fast but it's a little slower but if they're buffing the normal attack then mining will actually be easier.
  6. The schematics are now exclusively to craft mods to put onto your tools, weapons, and armor and require varying levels of the "yeah science" perk(int) to be read/crafted once read.
  7. When they first gave us the list of what the wanted to accomplish for alpha 17 and I saw lockpicking I was super excited because smashing safes has always just been a nuisance and it's a shame they didn't get it in but it makes sense why they didn't due to the unity overhaul and all of that. Hopefully one day though.
  8. Last I had heard was that that was being postponed maybe until a later alpha, can't be completely sure though as there hasn't been much news on the topic lately.
  9. I spent the pretty much all of the first 3 days looting and killing zombies before I picked up a place to settle down and then I spent the rest of the week until the BM building my base, I was on nomad difficulty with 90 minutes days and I usually afked at night and by the blood moon I was only level 19 and only rarely used a forge in a poi next to me. The base I made held up extremely well and I used the same base for the second horde night where I was level 45 and had irradiated spider zombies and cops and a bunch of normal soldiers. The only damage they did was break maybe a quarter of the iron spikes I had put in after the first horde and 4 of the ugraded cobblestone blocks in my pillars. All I used was a couple rounds with a hunting rifle for the big guys and then a compound bow. - - - Updated - - - Get the oil from random loot or use all the wrenches you typically find in POIs and use them on cars, you'll have enough oil to make a fair amount of molotovs with that. - - - Updated - - - You get a lot of meat from animals now if you use a bone shiv or hunting knife and you should always be getting birds nests so bacon and eggs is a simple yet effective solution to hunger, and if you can kite decently and have a half decent melee weapon/get lucky and find a good one/craft a sledge or machete then you can easily kill any zombie with a couple power swings and take out wandering hordes no problem.
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