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  1. what a legend thanks mate i will try, i will need to comment some out as i like them to all look zombie, goul ish dont like any silly ones lol im running a no respawn perma death always night server and the spooky vibe is the idea
  2. any idea if this modlet will work with undead legacy? loving that mod but want some beefy zombies in blood moons, also would love if somebody had the latest version link im seeing alot here in the forums lol
  3. awesome work on the mod dude loving it!

  4. just wanted to say damn this mod is awesome! really brings back the grind, pain and fight for survival, any plans to add stronger zombies to the mod to give the end game a push for challenge? or are any enemy modlets compatible? i get errors with ones i tried only reason why i even play lets say "other mods" also is so the blood moons give a fight i would so prefer just to have harder beefier zombies in this mod, im not keen on the radiated and special zombies just want beefy guys hard to put down, maybe use the old biker model i miss that dude, or demo without the boom, that guy wit
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