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  1. ok thank you all for advice. I just moved the files to internal sdd and it works a little better.
  2. A20, singleplayer, lowest-settings. log : https://pastebin.com/j4aKhiXy trying to demolish approx. 15blocks. they start falling then game crashes. I _am_ playing a laptop with minimum required system. game installed on external ssd. Used to play like a year ago with no problems but at that time it was installed on local ssd. Any help appreciated.
  3. Though my initial forum searches and, in the Known Issues list, ctrl f searches didnt return any results, a read-through of said list has made me think that this is a known issue. 137: "Powered turrets are continuing to stay powered with motion sensor" Still, I feel like the description misses the cause. Anyway, its on the list and will be dealt with. Sorry for wasting time, have a good day!
  4. Solar panel - battery bank - motion detector - component. Motion detector is set to trigger and stop immediately when target enters and exits fov. But the component keeps recieving power (after target exits) UNLESS the solar panel is switched off or battery bank has become fully charged. No mods. Saw another similar post but there the problem was that some of the components didnt receive power when the battery bank was charging because the solar panels became the source of power, bypassing the power from the bank. Still I couldnt find it in the Known Issues list.
  5. When batterybank is being recharged by solarpanels, detectors keep supplying power after triggerperiod ends.
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