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  1. This is the final screen. You can't escape you just have to task manager out. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2391999898
  2. Did what Roland suggested step by step but didn't help. Just published it in https://justpaste.it/ titled 7DTD errors The file is from yesterday morning before work. It was the only thing I did on 7DTD and was time stamped.
  3. Yes I found the file but don't know how to use Pastebin I guess. when I paste the file into pastebin it says it is too large and need to go PRO for no limits. this is the file: output_log__2021-02-11__08-00-02.txt
  4. Ok, so I'm 65 yrs old and so working on this but I am not a computer guru. Found the files and went to Pastebin. Now I have to learn Pastebin? Pastebin says my file is too big, upgrade to Pro? I don't think so. How much of the log do you need? Again, patience with old gamers is required.
  5. I can't play "new game" or "continue game". It will not load but has a drop down box loaded with exception or missing files. Online plays just fine when I go to someone else's server. BTW, I have uninstalled and re installed. Verified files etc
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