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  1. Some things we discovered while playing: In the trader POI where the walls are from thick pointy logs the guards are shooting mainly the tips of those logs before them. Perhaps a quick fix to place guards on the top of the fences instead behind them? If we scrap any guns we get scrap metal only - where could they be disassembled to parts? What do you think about night vision as a helmet-mod instead of an eyeglass-slot item? Muscle car gets damaged when hitting and running over zombies. Doesn't seems to be immersive. (I feel a mecha-spider is out of the question?) Perha
  2. Hey! Indeed. I've used the 7DtD modlauncher, and had a similar problem, so what went with me was: -downloaded, installed and started modlauncher -selected Darkness Falls, and made a copy of the vanilla game via the button -did something other for a long time, like watching videos, reading a good book, ate dinner, et cetera -looked back, and after checking the copy was made, I pushed the Preload Mod button -did something other for a long time, like watching videos, reading a good book, ate dinner, et cetera -everything was fine, started singleplaye
  3. I've thought something like that, thanks for the clarification. Altough I'm curious how to abuse that, except to have a water-supply (which the Rain Collector solves finely)... Impairing zombie movement? Making minecraft-style water-lifts? Filling up the map with a sea? Or something more sinister?
  4. You owe me - it's a mod to run it faster and have a nice coffee-smell. Soooo, abut the payment: I've discovered more-or-less how to find ores, BUT. Is there a special method I've missed with the holy bucket? I cannot seem to be able to move water blocks with it - altough I've tried to interact with the ones produced by the Rain Collector. Plus once I was able to move the Rain Collector itself (inside claimed area), now I can only mash it, and place a new one. Oh holy creator bless me with understanding! (thanx)
  5. Please, do not hoard all exclamation marks. Other people might wanna use them too, so please be considerate. Also spend large letters sparingly, we need them for beginning sentences.
  6. Good to see the equal of RPG house-rules being put together so nicely! I'm looking for the next 7DtD experience after we play thru the A19 vanilla (I was around playing it when hoes were a thing, and played Valmod too) on our little server. I must say I like how the game turned out (traders, missions, mods), but not fully satisfied with others (no other people, uncraftable breakers, acquiring new recipes). We also play with a no-horde setting, which provides surprise hordes, and won't give you a big boost of xp and loot at every horde night. Plus you can build
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