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  1. Hi, so I have same problem, having kinda maze where turrets are placed on block that is placed next to their road but they completly ignore zeds. Im near enough to make them work, they are moving, laser on, but ignoring zeds. Problem is that on my first bloodmoon they worked, which is kinda strange. I tried to pick them up, modify, put them back again but no success, they do nothing. I placed weighted head mod on both of them, which I hadnt on my first bloodmoon, so I might try to remove it and wait for next bloodmoon to see if it works or not, but nothing else comes to my mind. Screenshot attached. Thx for any insight
  2. Thanks guys. I was ready to unninstal it permanently but after your neverending suggestions about system settings with language I gave it last try. Changed system language to English and in input language settings unchecked everything else except English and it worked right after that. Thanks for help, Im already addicted to game.
  3. Anyone? Isnt there a way to submit a bug officialy? If not, I need to refund because there is no way for me to play the game I dont think problem is on my side.
  4. Here are pictures of the problem. My connection info, strange symbols instead of common alphabet when writing game name which are different when creating private game and local game and error it gives after trying it out with these symbols. After redownloading and reinstalling the game I'm able to join multiplayer game, but the reason I bought the game was to play with my GF on splitscreen which I'm still not able to. Any help please? Edit: for some reason it doesnt allow me to put image links here, so here are just links:
  5. Means I won't be able to play online even if the chinese symbols problem gets fixed? My region settings of my system are correct, Im from Europe, have right time and language settings and I'm always on cable. I can send screens when I get to ps soon.
  6. Hello, I bought game via ps4 store today and I can't create a game local nor network one because when I type gamename it shows chinese symbols instead english and it says it cant be created with special symbols. Chinese symbols are everywhete in game where I try to write something. When I try go network game, it says error of lost connection to ps servers, but its not true. I was looking on reddit for some topic about it and there is new topic made by a guy who bought and downloaded a game around same time as I did with same problem. Any advice pls? Thank you
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