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  1. Hmn, maybe I uploaded the wrong log? There was 5 of them listed, i just posted the latest one. This was after the third re-install, after deleting the program files and app data folders. It gets that error from those two servers every time. I've been playing today on another server with no issues. No, I'm on ethernet. Yah, one other person but just on their phone once in a while. I've rebooted router as well, yep. /shrug
  2. Good afternoon, I've just recently installed this game onto my PC. The first night, everything was working fine. When I logged in yesterday, the script above begins to spam at the top of my screen. I am able to connect to the server and play after closing the script. When I attempt to access my inventory, the script pops up again and I cannot see any of my content. This only happens on two servers (SaltyZombies and BuilderFriendly) that I've encountered. They have mods I'm pretty certain. So far, I've done the follow: Disabling my anti-virus/Added the folder to my exclusion list
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