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  1. oh damn sad. thanks for reply tho
  2. I saw that there are some hireable npc. anybody knows where to find them or how they look like? dont want to kill them by accident
  3. Ive played around with the save files and somehow got it to work. haha. anyway, even after downgrading to a smaller map( to save ram), the game is still lagging. zombies are teleporting and freezing around. pingperfect shows that im only using percent of the ram. anybody knows why?
  4. Hi, i have to change my darkness fall map from large to medium as my dedicated server host is unable to handle the ram usage. any idea if its possible to transfer 1. player levels and skill 2. Trader faction level 3. Items over to the new medium sized world? Bought extra 5gb on pingperfect yet game still lags ;(
  5. anybody have the learnable skill list for the traders
  6. I see thanks. anyway, we are facing a bug where the game hangs randomly. all the zombie & player (except ownself) stops moving and items cannot be interacted with. players can still move but not reflected in each others screen. its as if the world stop
  7. Thanks for replying. Sorry i dont understand what you mean. i prolly have to give more context. My friends and i are playing on a private server and we decided to spawn a trader at a town where there is an abandoned traitor joe. the trader that we spawned disappears sometimes, (Mostly when we all leave the base). The Guards are still there tho. And, we are unable to spawn a guard captain too. is there a way to fix this?
  8. Anyboody knows how to prevent Spawned trader from dissappearing?
  9. Hi. Im running darkness fall 3.3a. issit compatible? and i read somewhere that we have to start a new gmae for this mod to work. can i verify if its true?
  10. Anyone facing troubles with unable to interact with trader?
  11. Ahhh i see.... as long as it does crash or bugs out the game. Anyway, does anyone experience problems of doing quest and zombie not spawning. Or spawning late? And have anybody tried 1.Lam's Night vision modlet 2.PhD Bigger Backpack and Secure Storage Chest (A19-A19.4) with darkness fall?
  12. Hi Khaine! thank you so much for darkness falls. My friends and i were getting bored of the vanilla server. Darkness falls made it seems like a whole new expansion set .Anyway, is bdub's vehicle compatible with this on A19? or does anyone have any compatible mod recommendation?
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