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  1. !S5 PVP WIPED 03/19 NO RULES 150%XP 150%LOOT FRESH WIPE 03/19!!! NO RULE PVPS5 Vanilla PVP server NFO Chicago NO LAGG!!!Server name: !!S5 PVP WIPED 03/19 NO RULES 150%XP 150%LOOTWebsite/discord: http://strike5.com/Map: DEATHZONE 8K (See, noobs)Players: 40Difficulty: 3 (Warrior)Zombies spawned: 88Loot Respawn: 3 daysLoot abundance: 150%XP: 150%Shared XP distance: 500Air drops: 36 hours/ Visible on MapLocation: Chicago on direct peering to major ISPs, including Canadian ISPs
  2. so how do we fi this? its just happened on our RWG
  3. We are filling every night! good games, lots of death, sportsman like behavior is a must in our group!
  4. Already have new players from this post or steam!!! thanks guys!
  5. Server name: S5 Vanilla PVP Website: strike5.com Map: Navezgane (See, noobs) Players: 30 Server Created on 02/02/2020 Its just that simple. We are new, looking to just populate the server so you can have fun, server is already very very active with 11 players, atleast 4-5 online every day. Yes its PVP, so come wreck us we are new. We are new to 7 day, not to servers, we ran a 8th ranked server in BF4 with this provider. There will be no admin interference with gameplay. Already have a decent size group of randoms and friends in the server!
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