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  1. we get nonstop screamers whenever we use the auger. As soon as you fire it up the first screamer is on her way and they dont stop coming until you stop augering. The base has 4 forges, 2 chem stations and 2 concrete mixers working non stop and we get maybe 2 screamers a day. Somethingis broken.
  2. another day another spear lost. This time i watched it hit the ground and disappear. Not sure if its related but I fired an arrow and before the reload was finished i switched to the spear and threw it at the zombie i just knocked down. The zombie of course started his animation and popped up one block and so the spear hit the ground right below him and just went poof immediately after. had serrated mod and ergo grip mod and the rad mod.
  3. Yes i just died and experienced the same issue again. FPS is 5 outside and 45 inside but 60 normally. Only seems to happen after death.
  4. Dedicated Server with A18 B143. Threw the spear with two mods on it and missed the zombie, went to retrieve it but its simply gone. I was looking up the side of a hill when i threw it and the hill was too tall to throw over plus the angle was very low as the zombie was about 10-15ft in front of me. Couldn't reproduce the result with a stone spear and wasn't willing to sacrifice my last iron spear.
  5. Hmm i dunno food and water goes down so fast doing anything. Usually if you exert yourself for too long your stamina bar gets diminished. In this case you can keep going forever without the bar ever being reduced.
  6. seems it was fixed with the last update. played for 4 hours and no dips.
  7. I was doing a quest to kill some lumberjacks. The quest in a sort of hilly area but we were all able to traverse it no problem. All of a sudden as the zombies were following me around they stopped turned around and walked a 20m half circle to get back to me. I kited them up and down the hill a dozen times so I don't know why they did that.
  8. On countless occasions when striking a zombie with a club, machete, knife or sledgehammer there is no glancing blow if you dont hit them perfectly. No blood animation no strike noise no zombie outcry.
  9. My friend was fighting a zombie and I could hear every swing he was taking from 3 city blocks away.
  10. After a certain amount of time my FPS goes from unwaivering 60FPS down to 5fps. It stays this way until I go inside a house and then its right back up to 60FPS. if i step back outside its back to 5FPS. I changed the textures to half from full its now a steady 60 again but now random assets will appear in a room as I am moving through it and textures look horrible on most things. Zombies sometimes appear blocky and very lowres as well. I doubt my 980TI is the problem and driver update doesn't resolve the issue.
  11. Somehow between being placed into a crate and being removed iron crossbow bolts inherited the 3 mods that were on the marksman rifle. Rifle still has its mods but the stack of iron bolts had its own separate set that could be removed but not reapplied.
  12. Even after you run out of stamina you can still fast pedal for as long as you like with seemingly no penalty.
  13. we just got to day 7 blood moon, 8 zombies came then nothing, we waited and waited and gave up. Then at around 1 or 2am while we were out and about little groups of 8 started attacking us individually as we were spread out, after all those were killed a slow trickle of 1 or 2 up to 8 kept coming at random. We have hordes set to deviate by 1 day.
  14. based on madmoles playthroughs they are not all that super smart. Just try to get to you via the simplest path and if no path exists they go into destructive mode. Very easy to counter.
  15. one of the WHATSSSS????? 7 minute speed boost why so much? is it 10% or 40% thats quite the range
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