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  1. Hi, I have found a very nice purple UMP ... is it covered by pistol skill tree, or the sub machine gun ?
  2. Ok thanks, that explains it. I am seeing solar cells from the traders, but yet to see a bank so maybe its just luck. Maybe in the journal have an entry for items like that as 'trader only'. Thanks for the quick reply too. PS I am really enjoying this mod, longest game time I've invested yet.
  3. Hi, I am confused on how solar banks work in this mod. I cannot craft one, still havent seen one at trader at level 120. I can find one but holding down 'E' I get Open or Turn on. Even if placing a land claim block, I cannot get 'pick up' option. Is this where I have to scrap many until I get a bank (like a motor from a cement mixer) ?
  4. I just wanted to say that I am using your Zombie variations with Undead Legacy on a dedicated server and it works well and adds the much needed variation, thank you for your work.
  5. Where are empty laundry baskets found? I need one to craft the minibike but can only pick up 'laundry basket' from POIs.
  6. There is a locked vault door at the bottom of a well, in my Nitrogen map. There is a red hand scanner next to it. How do I access this door?
  7. Yes it could.. if Ravenhearst was for 19.4, and your game updated to 19.5, it will cause issues. Dont update - select 19.4 in betas
  8. Pls ignore my question. My bad. The dedi server was still on 19.2, client and Ravenhearst was all for 19.4. Once I updated the server, all worked fine. For the record, -Navegane Ravenhearst map took 9mins to generate on my ol' gaming rig. Cheers
  9. Sry I am using Ravenhearst version 7.4.1
  10. I ran a single player game no problems, then installed Ravenhearst onto my dedicated server. I have chosen Navegane Ravenhearst map. We went to join and the dedi server just sat there generating chunks ... for 14 hours. I killed it, and started again, now its doing the same thing. How long does a dedi server take to generate the map?? 7D2D 19.4 b7 and Ravenhearst 7.3 What I see: 2021-05-23T22:23:25 1311.053 INF Time: 20.34m FPS: 20.00 Heap: 1055.0MB Max: 1109.0MB Chunks: 0 CGO: 0 Ply: 0 Zom: 0 Ent: 0 (0) Items: 0 CO: 0 RSS: 3263.9MB
  11. Hi, just got this mod going (after 'beating' Darkness Falls). Is there a Ravenhurst icon anywhere in the download files? I want to change my shortcut which runs the RH mod
  12. Hi. I am running 3.2A on 19.2. I have seen on videos where there is a bonus perk for unlocking all classes, but I cannot find this anywhere in skills. Was this removed in a prev version? Any reason to unlock all classes in my version? EDIT: found it. The Completionist. Wow thats a long way off. Sry for the time waste
  13. Hi Khaine, To avoid any confusion, can the Radiation Ready (Boots) be renamed as 'Radiation Ready Mod (Boots)'? And similar for the gloves, head, chest and legs.
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