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  1. What makes you believe there was buildup to a war? There are newspapers you can find (incredibly blurry) that seem to depict news getting out of a flu epidemic and nuclear... something. Detonation? War? It's unclear.
  2. Hey guys, a while back I posted a video on YouTube attempting to put together a backstory for the 7 Days to Die setting. I'm not here to shill that, but I do have a renewed interest in the topic after seeing Capp00's creative take on it that I'm sure most of you have seen. I put together my own theories and ideas, but got some great feedback in the comments on my video. So I thought I'd bring the topic here as I'm working on a part 2 to my original video. Anyone have any theories at all pertaining to the setting? Anything at all could be useful, no matter how small. Details pert
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