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  1. str command doesn't exist anymore? edit: i've noticed that's merged with st now, correct?
  2. there's a way to change weapon repair kit repaired amount?
  3. can you link me some useful info about telnet? thank you mate
  4. it's possible to have gained more stability and fps with your fix or is a placebo? where i can read the a11 changes? thank you
  5. yeah, i'm gonna try that way...thank you for the info i wanna ask you about the crossbow: i agree that is op in early game and too easy to obtain...but do you think there's a way to implement it in the future to enlarge the base items of the game? maybe make the recipient more complex and locked? just pick the xml files from you server, they are in the directory /Data/Config and put them in: Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config on each client wanna join...i know it's tedios but it's the only thing i found out to work
  6. ok, i managed to fix it, somehow i had to manually upgrade the .xml files client side, do you know what can cause that? Another things, how can i set the drop respawn to 0 in cfg file? Thank you
  7. We talked about it just few post back! XD and they shifted the storage item in the secureloot items as i used to have on my dedicated ^^ Anyway, anyone else got an error with the new xml files version? Because when i put them i got an error when try to open the inventory Null referenceexception object reference not set to an instance of an object i'm totally sure it depends on this new file because i made all crossing verification
  8. thank you mate, i managed to make it work anyway ^^
  9. ahah ^^ regarding the recipe books, i've definetively applied your mod to my dedicated and i've notice that i cannot list them through the console, it reports me only the standard recipe books and if i look in the newly spawned bookcase i can see only normal books and sometimes the standard recipe books. It's something related to the space in the recipe name in the config file? I cannot fix this problem
  10. Thank you guys for the detailed response, it's a good point but i prefer to have more variety in blocks (i really like to build) meanwhile the Pimps are gonna shift them to upgrade-based system concept (and i love it); so i think i'll bring them back for now. Regards the new recipes book and the shotguns shells crafting, it's not a good idea to make them stackable (like up to 12) and convertible to paper as the normal book? i find it so odd that the normal book, instead, can be stacked and craftable. Maybe you can convert all book-based recipe to schematic recipe (mantein common and rare) so we can address this awkward situation
  11. perfect! are stocks locked recipes too? can i ask why you removed bricks and other ornamental blocks from recipes?
  12. are gun's mold removed in the config file? (i hope so, they bring out so much loot value)
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