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  1. Hey all been a while since I was around here. Game looks like it's getting better and more beautiful. Question I have is with all the zeds getting these new high detail models will the player character models be getting the same treatment in the future?
  2. Not only recipes, items, loot, ect. Boy do you feel like a dummy when you realize a simple misspell throws everything you spent an hour working on out the window as you rage in frustration trying to solve that problem. This is where the forums come in, sometimes us ppl who only do slight modding need a bit more help with things from guys who make it a habit of really like modding games.
  3. Just curious about something Val since you seem to be quite a good modder. I was holding a torch in my hand while in a snow biome and depending on elevation it can get quite cold. Is it possible to add a perk only while holding a torch in your hand that gives a the warming buff?
  4. @Valmar I found this curious little thing with two items, one has better quality yet the protection values aren't better than the item with the lower quality. Is this a vanilla mechanic issue? http://i.imgur.com/eW4L7z6.jpg http://i.imgur.com/0VUdUH6.jpg
  5. Suppose that with this resource https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?58984-Mod-Resource-15-2-b6-xml-changes that there's a possibility for a version of the mod for the experimental version of the game? I did try to make the changes myself but I just got confused beyond reason lol.
  6. Snowberry farming when Valmar?
  7. Here's another stupid question... what's the size of the larger backpack version of the mod?
  8. Yeah as you said before it's the RWG coding that's borked a bit, dev's really need to make a pass over the coding for random gen at some point to fix it.
  9. exactly what I said larger bullet means more drag, shotguns aren't meant for long range like a rifle in game and in RL. As I said in the beginning larger bullet means more drag when fired the cost of gunpowder in the amount of grains that's are in the cartage are accurate with RL ammo. Without the amount of grains the slug wouldn't be as effective.
  10. shotgun slugs as far as I understand have a larger grain count compared to other guns because of the size of the slug. Still the amount might need to be shaved down but not as much as mag and 762 rounds.
  11. did you rename the ddl?
  12. Hey Val I think at this point since in my current game that the Tool and Die should be added to the merchant though it shouldn't be cheap. RNG is a pain sometimes even when going to a Working Stiffs where the item can most commonly be found.
  13. I had this issue a short while ago and thought it didn't work myself, after you turn off weathersurvival off and then turn it back on you won't see a change unless you go into a different biome.
  14. erm... the mod is on version 2.8 now... lol you're behind three versions.
  15. seems to have solved it but the temp on the UI just below the compass is stuck at 70 degrees edit: nvm it resolved itself ^_^
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