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  1. I rent servers from hosthavok. I went into the 7DaysToDieServer_Data directory and didn't see an output_log file, Could there be a file in the log viewer section?
  2. hope these are what you're requesting connection_log.txt connection_log_26902.txt output_log__2021-01-25__18-24-24.txt output_log__2021-01-25__18-25-32.txt output_log__2021-01-25__18-30-58.txt output_log__2021-01-25__18-31-51.txt output_log__2021-01-25__18-32-26.txt output_log__2021-01-25__18-38-48.txt output_log__2021-01-25__18-41-42.txt output_log__2021-01-25__18-44-23.txt output_log__2021-01-25__19-07-45.txt output_log__2021-01-25__19-09-45.txt output_log__2021-01-25__19-10-56.txt
  3. So, I just got a server for my friends and I and the next day I got to login and I'm greeted with ERR [EAC] Protect: CERR NCSimple_deserializer (ch=0): UnknownNetPacketExecution: Unknown NetPackage ID: 255. I do some searching online and find no real solutions so I go through all the validation steps both client and server(Everyone else logs in fine. I then delete the game and all relevant folders (yes even the %Appdata%) and still nothing. It let me login after the first fresh install but after nothing. Done 2 more fresh installs since and still nothing. Any insight?
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