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  1. Hey guys, Because I have so much time on my hands right now, I decided to launch a YouTube Channel! Feel free to subscribe, like, or just watch the videos! GG 7 Days To Die! Sorcery Mod is great so far https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbDwdgybRrbjD-RXgfKxMA Also, I suppose I'll ask, does anyone have any tips? How to improve and make quality videos(in terms of content, not the video recordings themselves)? I'm starting to look around, learn, and take notes, as to any changes/features I want to add to my channel/videos. Right now it's very bare bone, strictly recorded game play.
  2. If only I had taken the time to look around, I'll do that now Crater lol
  3. Lol, Crater... Okay guys, thank you very much for the input. All seems logical and makes sense. Let the recording commense! My channel, unfortunately can't have a custom url yet https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbDwdgybRrbjD-RXgfKxMA vedui, I subscribed to you.
  4. Right, and there's so many channels out there, I think only if you're making like a massive amount of money, would YouTube or any company/publisher, really be willing to take Legal Action. Otherwise it's basically just, for creative purposes and 'fair use', to legally put it. Plus, it actually supports and advertises the games anyways, right? So unless you claim it as your own, I think it's fair game hehe
  5. So, I'm new to recording game play, so if anyone can answer me this, that'd be great. Am I 'legally' within my rights to record my game play, and upload to my YouTube Channel? Are there 'copyright laws' being broken here? If so, is there anyone from 7 Days To Die, I can contact and 'Ask for Permission'. Like, there are A LOT of YouTube Channels out there, so I don't see why I couldn't? Only if I begin to 'monetize' off their product, or early sneak peeks, etc? I really have no idea lol If anyone can help me in this area, that'd be great.
  6. Sorry just an update, should the master zip file be about 452 mb? It shows as completed for me, but I'll test it out tomorrow.
  7. Really hope the A19 Update comes out soon. Game could really use a solid zombie mod pack. Doesn't seem to be much out there in terms of this. And as this describes, Dragons??? Yes please!
  8. Thanks gpcstargate, I'll take a look. I didn't end up downloading it, as I figured I'll get the 1GB Standalone, the other one was reaching over 2GB.
  9. How large is this file? When I go to the download link, it says 136MB, it's approaching 1.8 GB now. Should really post the file size in your initial posting. Downloaded it from here by the way, the alpha 19 full mod launcher: https://7daystodiemods.com/war3zuk-tallon-mods-all-in-one/ Although now the link is showing as 404 The page could not be found or you don't have permission to view it. https://gitlab.com/war3zuk/War3zuk-Alpha-19-AIO-Mod-Launcher_2020/-/archive/master/War3zuk-Alpha-19-AIO-Mod-Launcher_2020-master.zip And, nevermind found out the Standalone is 1GB, but this one is now reaching over 2GB, sigh
  10. Wow that was bad grammar... Achievement Hunter BTW*... Used SAM, to deactivate the achievements I had gained, by 'cheating'.* I want to get them naturally, but I couldn't even connect to any servers, wtf lol Went back to 19.3 to bring the version back to my hard drive.
  11. Thanks for the input. Either my Math was off, or the 'Steam Achievement' pops up when you hit this event, not just settime skipping past it, cheating hehe. I'm an Achievement Hunter BFT, I normally never cheat any Achievement, I read some were bugged. However, I SAM'ed the ones I did cheat, still at 81% Naturally. Will be furthering my 19.3 Profile, if 250 doesn't pop up, well then... Is there an Off Topic Thread on this Forum?
  12. Lol Ya very true Liesel about the Achievements. I mean I got like 70% of them naturally, I might go reset some of the ones I cheated tbh, just the way you describe it. The thing is, I haven't been playing this Multiplayer, and didn't really plan on it, so the 250 Player Kills Achievement. Everything I could do solo, I did, and I probably will with this game stage one. Ya maybe I'll test your gamestage 999 method, and see if it works, as an experiment. Maybe that's why the achievements didn't trigger, it 'skipped' past the 250 500 and 1000 mark(I have 10 and 50 already, naturally through game play). That might actually be the case to be honest. But again referencing to someones guide, their method should work? Cheat mode, I don't and haven't used. Anyways thanks again for chiming in here. I actually just reset the 3 achievements I did with cm/dm lol Using Steam Achievement Manager, so I'll try to get these naturally through multiplayer, which I've yet to try.
  13. I'm referencing to the Steam Achievements, sorry for not clarifying that. I'm aware of the gamestage-formula, and this is what I'm also referencing to(I know it changed through the alpha versions, maybe I was off on my math, but, I was Level 17 2 Days Alive * 1 Difficult I set in gamestages xml file, I was Gamestage 34, I then changed difficulty to 100, setting me to gamestage 1600 or something one another, maybe higher even). As mentioned, I used the 'settime' command, to adjust my day forward while also being at Level 17, and in the console it says SendAchievementEvent Score:1000, which I'm pretty sure, is referencing to the Steam Achievements. Thank you for answering if it can be unlocked in 19.3, I wasn't sure. I thought I read somewhere it can't be done, I might be mistaken. I'm also referencing to a guide, as shown here: https://gameplay.tips/guides/6354-7-days-to-die.html I didn't follow his guide step by step, the entire way, as I already had a lot of the Achievements completed. I mainly went to follow his steps on Nomad Survivalist etc Achievements. And as I mentioned, based on my Math and the Console, the Achievements should have unlocked for me. Back to the 1st question, does using dm/cm in console, completely disable the Game Stage Achievements? They didn't seem to effect the other Achievements, and also as mentioned, my console read GameStage 1600 or something. And Question, if it wasn't clear, 'why is it showing SendAchievement Event Score:1-1000, but not unlocking the Achievement for me? However, knowing that it CAN be obtained in 19.3, I'm going to revert back to that version, as I went to the previous versions for the Hidden Achievements. Gotta say 15.2 and 16.4 ran really smooth for me, reaching 80fps in some areas, with settings around the medium area.)
  14. Okay guys, multiple questions here. I started playing this game, on 19.3. I achieved Game Stage 10 & 50, naturally. However, I went for other Achievements, so I went to 15.2, now 16.4. I got the achievements I wanted, but NOT the Game Stage ones. I start off, using dm/cm, to get the tools and materials I want, then I turn them off. I also use dm, on then off, to spawn zombies, kill them, repeat. I also changed my gamestage and progression xmls, to speed things up. 15.2 console command gamestage doesn't work, so there was no way to tell, but based on the math and using settime 99999999, the Achievements should have popped. Also, in console it shows 'SendAchievement Score:1000' Now, in 16.4, the console command gamestage DOES work, when I first checked, after an hour of play, day 2, level 17, I was at gamestage 34, which seems appropriate, given I altered the gamestage/progression xml. HOWEVER, I then changed the xml files again to 100 difficulty bonus on Nomad. After typing gamestage again, it showed gamestage 1600 or something, again also showing 'SendAchievement Score:1000'. The gamestage Achievements did not pop. So, do these achievements have to be done completely naturally from the start, without using dm/cm at all? Mind you, I got other achievements using dm/cm then turning them off, but the Game Stage ones will not for the life of me, pop up. Only in 19.3 playing Naturally did they, but I've read gamestage 1000 can't be achieved in 19.3? Please provide some input here, thanks. TLDR: Can Game Stage Achievements be obtained if dm/cm was used but then toggled off? Can Game Stage 1000 be Achieved in 19.3?
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