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  1. @Jugginator So, here's an interesting update. Last night I removed all the engines from the generator banks, and the ammo from all the turrets. I then shut down the game, and removed the power.dat file. I restarted the game, and my friend from PA logged on. The ping was normal (95) and I installed all the engines (30) back into the generator banks. Without wiring, I decided to be procedural about debugging the cause, so I fired up the generators with no wiring. Interestingly, the ping did go up to about 300, then fluctuated, and slowly came down to a little ove
  2. Cool; at least I don't need to completely tear down, as it goes many many levels down. I will give this a shot and let you know what happens. Thanks for spending the time to look at it!
  3. Actually, there are over 40 turrets... Just hoping @Jugginator is able to root out the problem... I luv turrets ;>) Not that I don't like to have to gun down my own blood moon horde but, occasionally, it's fun to watch a s4itload of turrets do the heavy lifting while u and ur buds "pick and choose."
  4. Here's the power.dat file. Thanks for the info on how to reset without losing all the work. It's not a tragedy if I have to reset the region, just a lot of work. I figured if it can help find bugs for you guys, it's a win-win. If you have a way of identifying how I caused it, that would be helpful, to avoid the same mistake in the future. Thanks again! power.dat
  5. Thanks for the help. I've uploaded the specific region file. Oddly, there are no electric fence posts in this region.. Please let me know what you find, when you have time. Appreciated! > EDIT - While walking around in the world, I just realized how large the regions are, so I included a pic of the problem area, with the coordinates shown from the DM. r.-2.-3.7rg
  6. Thanks, I just saved it. That's a large Savegame file. The world (Navezgane) which I've only used for a short time is 62 MB, and the one I've developed is 1.16 GB.
  7. So THIS was good info. To test, I just started a game, and had my friend log in. He spawned near me, which was near the problem area. Immediately his ping shot up. We both got in a jeep when his ping hit around 55000. By then he was lagging so much, that I had driven away about a mile, with him sitting next to me, and his screen showed he hadn't even got in the jeep yet. I parked about 1.5 miles from the problem area, and watched the ping. It stayed high until his character caught up to my current game state and location, then the ping instantly dropped. We drove closer and
  8. I can verify 100% it is map dependent. We played the problem map (ping steadily increases), then another undeveloped map, and his ping was steady at 75 (from across the country). So there is something up with this map. Oddly, it didn't start until I built a new structure using the creative menu. We have been developing this map for months, with no issues. Last week I decided to try building one structure using items from the creative menu, and that seems to coincide with the ping issue. Is there a way to get a definition of the two recurring faults?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. My friend is using Windows 10, and the AV is just stock Defender. He's added exceptions for the firewall, and turned off Defender, with no change. I fully read the FAQ, and searched for similar issues. I've been building computers since 1986, and am comfortable providing any info you need, so feel free to ask, if it will help debug. I've attached the last few log files, as I'm not sure which are pertinent. Please let me know if you need further info. I appreciate your time. D! output_log__2021-01-17__01-19-14.txt output_lo
  10. Been playing A19.3 for many hrs, and building on map "Pregen03." I'm in CA, and usually play with 1 friend (through Steam, not dedicated) who lives in PA. No problems 'til recently. We played last night. On the map I mainly use (Pregen03) his ping starts at 150 and keeps slowly rising well past 175000, unless he disconnects and reconnects, which only lasts for a few minutes until the lag becomes unplayable. We did a few tests. If I load map "Navezgane," his ping is steady at 75, with no appreciable change. As soon as I load the Pregen map, his ping starts around 150,
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