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  1. To me it's pretty simple... Since I have done none of the work, I either elect to enjoy what is being provided to me free of charge or I take a pass.
  2. If everyone felt the same 5% should be removed then so be it but that is not the case. Everyone has differing opinions as to what should or should not be included so it's easier to just let each and every one of us pick which we would like to exclude but NOOOOOOOO Some want others to do the work for them. You are right that it IS a community effort so put in some effort. It was posted how to do this and it's VERY easy and requires minimal effort but if you do not want to remove a few lines from a file I suggested you just enter CM mode, give yourself a Rocket Launcher and blast down that horrid POI that is so offensive that it makes the POI unusable. Takes a few seconds, renders the POI into rubble and allows you to use the excellent (and best IMHO) mod that has been worked on for hundreds of hours. Asking others to mod code for a custom POI for you is NOT participating in a community project. If you have been following this project that so many have put tons of work into, you already know that it is not perfect and will never be until either the game is finished and a few bugs affecting POI placement are fixed by the Pimps. The fact it works so well even with a few glitches is a testament to the outstanding work and dedication of those working on this. To come here and say that you cannot use the mod until 5% of the POI's are fixed/removed NOT because they are bugged but because you feel that they do not fit your idea of the game and are so offensive that the other 95% are not good enough is a bit offensive. Everyone has a few POI's that they do not care for or that spawn in the wrong place. This is mostly the fault of Alpha code but even a few short weeks ago this mod's POI's were spawning with stairs in the wrong direction, collapsing, spawning inside other POI's and any number of glitches. Mag has spent so much time, with help, adjusting everything, tweaking, testing and communicating with his limited English that even if I had a small issue I would be embarrassed to nitpick or ask for a change not because it was broken but because I felt it did not fit my idea of the game. So use the mod or don't. I'm sure it will continue to get better and I really hope the pimps are following this because it would be crazy stupid to not use all this hard work and at least incorporate some of this work into the game and just give the creators a game credit. I'm sure they would be honored. I think we all would love a simple (and official) configuration screen that would allow us to toggle off every POI on or off. Perhaps someday we will have thousands of "POI Packs" to pick from but that day is not today In the meantime perhaps we can create a separate POI thread for this excellent mod and have potential new POI's listed with a picture and allow some community input before Mag adds it? Let the creator (or someone he so designates) post the new POI and the ones that get the most votes Mag could add when he has the time in the next revision. The number or POI's will continue to grow and setting up a system to decide what gets added and to what areas might go a long way to keep this manageable and help those working and testing this mod keep it under control and not burn them out.
  3. QFT! I agree 100%. If you want custom, spent some time and learn to do it yourself otherwise deal with the few poi's you don't like. Suggestions are fine buy to expect someone who is already spending hundreds of hours of his own time to make custom changes because you don't like a few of the pois seems a bit much. Find the offending pois in cm and blow them up... problem solved.
  4. Why not just blow up the 5% with a CM rocket launcher? Seems pretty easy and a nice wrecked building fits in anywhere.
  5. I spawned about 12 new worlds with diff seeds and in each one of them Working Stiffs did not spawn in the main city. I had to mod the code to force one to spawn (see prior post in this thread) Now perhaps I just had bad luck due to this mod adding addition hardware stores but if you want that particular poi to spawn 100% of the time you might have to mod the spawn code like I did.
  6. Well as I said I tried about a dozen different seeds and while I kept getting multiple food stores, not a single hardware store spawned. Perhaps your new versions were spawning instead of the built in hardware stores but either way... keep up the good work and thanks to all of you for making this the one true "must have" mod.
  7. Might want to check into this... I was not getting a hardware store in the main city until I added this. I'm new to this but I spawned a dozen maps will different seeds and no hardware stores. So I "think" I kinda fixed it cause it works now Please let me know if I messed up. Thanks
  8. Yes... I do it all the time. You have to manually delete all non-base areas (everything but the regions you want to keep) and understand that the connections between new and old regions might be a bit strange... mix matched elevations... but it works good enough for us. Also understand that you will only see the new stuff in the new areas.
  9. Best version yet! Loving it.... thanks!
  10. I'm sure the number of people playing on the server have something to do with it. I run a small server with rarely more than 4-5 online at the same time and while we get some slowdowns at time, never enough to be unplayable. Of course maybe that's why they charge more for larger servers. More people requires more ram. I'm sure my $12 a month for a 10 person server has less ram allocated vs a 50 person server.
  11. Mag they need to hire you
  12. For those having issues with low FPS may I suggest you turn off/down one feature at a time (Shadows, Distance etc...) so it may help them isolate the issue. The game is still in Alpha and not 100% optimized thus some buildings may use things that require an excessive amount of calculations like shadows or reflections. In the open world these are not an issue but in close quarters, perhaps buildings with an excessive amount of windows (just a wild guess) might add an excessive amount of reflections. I have an Nvidia 970 and have noticed no slowdown and the 290x is an excellent card (to Rocco) along with your specs. AMD issue? Did you try to see if a local game causes the same slowdown to eliminate it being a server issue?
  13. I did not start a new world and everything is fine but what I did was to figure out where our bases are and keep those four regions and delete the rest. A few edges are not perfect but everything else is and you do not have to start over if you are a huge base builder like a few of us Now if you elect to use a new random generator that some are working on here sort of in conjunction with this... well that can mess things up. When I tried it I had HUGE walls around the zones I kept due to the kept zones being generated with the old randomizer and the new zones using the new randomizer. The edges do not match at all.
  14. Deleted a region and had half a stadium spawn cut off at the region line. How it spawned across a region line and exactly half you tell me lol. It does look cool on the map
  15. I'm using version 2 and the default rnd xml and so far looking great. The one small issue I have found is a very few new POI's in towns are being placed one block in the air. Each time I see this, however, there is a single block connecting the ground to the building. Think balloon on a string lol. As I said very very few but I wanted to mention in case it helps with the cleanup. Thanks for this! It's really made the game better and I hope the devs take a strong look at officially adopting some of these. Now if we could only persuade LT to release his excellent mod
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